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There are several ways to make extra income on the side while having a full-time job. Often called “gigs” or “side hustles,” extra income opportunities can be temporary, part-time, ongoing, or even grow into substantial careers. Learning and acknowledging one’s opinions may help put extra money in your pocket.

In this article, we explore ways you might consider making extra money while working full-time.

How Do You Make Extra Income While Working Full-Time?

The expansion of several side and remote work opportunities has widened the gap between a full-time job and a side job. While there are a plethora of fields to earn extra income, choosing something related to your interests, skills, and level of commitment is advised.

1. Opt For Freelancing Work Online

Freelancing Work Online

Consider doing freelance work to make extra income while managing your full-time job on the side. Websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com can be a great help to you and can provide you with opportunities for work like writing, programming, design, marketing, and data entry.

According to the latest report published by Freelancer.com, creative working jobs will have the steadiest growth on its site in 2023, accounting for 58 percent of all freelance jobs. Although AI had the highest chances of taking on content creation jobs, it couldn’t compete with human-written articles. As a result, companies are looking for writers who know how to edit AI content. While a source says that skilled writers are charging $100 an hour, this could be a perfect solution for “How to earn extra money on the side?”

2. Become an Instagram Influencer

Instagram Influencer

For endorsements and advertisements, several companies prefer Instagram influencers with significant followings on the platform – to publicize their product/service. While a higher audience reach and following are mandatory, you can get on the action by applying via marketing platforms like Open Influence or Aspire that you want to work with. Besides, you can earn money this way on social media apps like TikTok and YouTube.

3. Steps in Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, your responsibilities include promoting a company’s products or services. However, while opting for one, make sure you know/tested the product or service for an effective endorsement. Besides using blogs for affiliate marketing, you could also use social media for the same. If a buyer uses your provided link for a purchase, you receive a percentage of the sales amount.

4. Using Surveys for Extra-Gig

Using Surveys for Extra-Gig

If you are eager to make extra money on the side while actively participating in your full-time job, you can make money from home by filling out surveys. On the contrary, online surveys don’t generate a significant payoff but are useful to generate a side income. Meanwhile, some of the popular survey sites include Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

5. Artworks and Designs

Artworks and Designs

If you are artistically gifted, this can be the best choice to generate a side income while constantly sharing attention at your full-time jobs. Consider selling your art online, or if you are a graphic designer, you can make graphics such as logos for websites, books, and other mediums. Besides, if you are a calligrapher, you can share a deal with hand-lettering abilities for wedding invitations.

6. E-book Self-Publication

E-book Self-Publication

A writing enthusiast who has a thing for words can use applications like Amazon Kindle to self-publish their work. The publication charges are free, and you can earn up to 70 percent of each sale in royalties. Choose a genre, write a book, enter a clear description, and, see if it sells. If your book is worthy enough to make the sales numbers reach 100, it can help you generate a good side income.

7. Get Advertising revenue from the blog Channel

Get Advertising revenue from the blog Channel

Similar to Instagram, the video-sharing application, YouTube can also be the answer to “How to Make Extra Money With a Full-Time Job.” For instance, if you have petted a cat, start generating content related to her for some extra money.” If you can increase your audience reach, you can use advertisements to make money.

As of 2024, YouTube has set 1000 subscribers as a benchmark for applying to the YouTube partner program. Google’s AdSense can help you put relevant advertisements on your blog or website for your target audience.

8. Data-Entry Check

Data-Entry Check

Although data entry jobs intend to pay a minimum wage to their workers, it can always be a solution for earning side money. While the responsibilities include entering and updating data into the client’s database, they don’t take much time and can be easily managed with a full-time job. Besides, you can find such data-entry projects on several job-hunt applications, including Indeed.

9. Earn from Twitch

Earn from Twitch

Twitch, a popular site among gaming enthusiasts, allows a user to live-stream their game sessions. While there are options for streamers to receive donations from viewers, Twitch also gives you access to share your subscription and ad revenue by reaching them.

10. Make Money from Your Photography

Make Money from Your Photography

One of the latest side-hustle trends among photography enthusiasts is selling your clicked photographs online. A prominent site, Fine Art America, allows users to upload photos that can be printed on phone covers, t-shirts, prints, and more. Some of the other marketplaces for photographers are SmugMug, 500px, and Photoshelter.

11. A Freelancer Makeup Artist

A Freelancer Makeup Artist

If you are a makeup expert, you can try your hands as a freelance makeup artist and You can practice this profession on weekends. While many individuals look to hire a freelance makeup artist to adjust to affordable charges, you can start this profession with weddings.


In essence, although you have a well-paying job, the sting of inflation has individuals pondering whether to make some extra gigs. If your job is manageable, you can put your skills and passions to work with a side hustle. In the above-mentioned list, The Tecuy Media has rounded up 11 real ways to make extra income while having a full-time job. Check it out now!