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In Blizzard Entertainment’s The World of Warcraft, Anduin Llane Wrynn is the King of Stormwind and the High King and Commander of Alliance. He is the son of former King Varian Wrynn. Anduin was the former crown prince of Stormwind. His character first appeared in 2004 during the original launch of the game. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Anduin of Warcraft.

Anduin Llane Wrynn Bio

Anduin’s mother died when he was just a child. So, after his father went missing for a longer time, Anduin was given the crown as a child.

Title High King of the Alliance
Race Human
Class Priest
Gender Male
Age 25 years old
Resource Mana
Former Affiliations Mawsworn (forced)
Current Affiliations House of Wrynn, Kingdom of Stormwind, Alliance
Former occupation Unwilling champion of the Jailer, Crown prince of Stormwind
Location The Maw (lore) and various (in-game)
Mothers Varian Wrynn, Bolvar Fordragon, Jaina Proudmoore, Valeera Sanguinar, Velen, Genn Greymane, and Chi-Ji
Relatives Landan (great-great-grandfather), Baratheon & Varia (great-grandparents), Llane & Taria (grandparents), Varian & Tiffin (parents), Ellerian noble family (maternal relatives), Magni Bronzebeard (“uncle”), Jaina Proudmoore (“aunt”)
Companions Reverence (mount)
Status Alive

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Youth of Anduin

Anduin Llane Wrynn is the son of Tiffin Ellerian and Varian Wrynn. His mother died during a Stonemason’s Guild riot and that is why he was given the Stormwind crown when his father went missing. Varian was kidnapped by the Black Dragon Onyxia, but he did not rule at such a young age. The original Varian returns, and Onyxia kidnaps Anduin. Original and copy Varian saves Anduin.

Anduin and the Light

Varian, considering Anduin soft-hearted, sends him to Ironforge to learn war skills. In Ironforge, Anduin realized his true calling for the light and began to learn its power and the ways of the Priest. However, Ironforge was soon devastated by earthquakes, and its leader died. Moira then claims the throne and closes the city gates. However, Anduin escapes Ironforge by using the Hearthstone given to him by his aunt, Jaina Proudmoore. Other crucial points of this phase are Anduin’s meeting with Baine of the Horde and Prophet Velen. He reached Draenei’s city, Exodar, as a pupil of Velen.

Anduin Wrynn: The High King of the Alliance in World of Warcraft
Image: Blizzard

Anduin in Pandaria

Sometime later, Anduin was shipwrecked near the mysterious island of Pandaria. Though the agent’s Alliance reaches Pandaria to rescue him, Anduin refuses to return home. He stays in Pandaria and takes lessons from August Celestial Chi-Ji. He also helps Pandarians fight against the Sha, a spirit feeding on negative emotions. In this process, he was mortally wounded by Garrosh Hellscream, war chief of the Horde.

Anduin: the King of Stormwind

In this section, the story begins when Burning Legion returns to Azeroth for Legion expansion. The forces of Hordes and the Alliance fight against the Burning Legion to prevent this invasion. In this battle, the Burning Legion killed King Varian Wrynn, and Anduin took on the responsibility of the Stormwind as the Higher King of the Stormwind.

The battle for Azeroth

In the battle for Azeroth, Anduin tries to find a peaceful way to deal with the Burning Legion and other enemies of Azeroth. Later, he discovers that some wars are necessary to save the peace. So, he did not hesitate to get his hands dirty to learn Alliance in the battle against Hordes and Sylvanas. As a result, the Burning Legion is defeated, the leader of Hordes is captured as a reward, and finally, Sylvanas leaves Azeroth.

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Anduin’s travels to the Shadowlands

Sylvanas tore open a getaway to the Shadowlands before abandoning Hordes. She meets her master and increases her powers. Then she uses the magic of the Shadowlands to captivate WoW’s Anduin and other leaders of Azeroth. Later, Anduin was a puppet of Jailer, the master of Sylvanas. But with the help of Azeroth’s heroes, Anduin successfully escapes the captivation and defeats Jailer. However, Anduin did not return to Azeroth to recover from the trauma.

Anduin’s War Within

In this section, Anduin of WoW travels around the world in disguise to find peace within himself. He left Paladin Turalyon as regent, who is eagerly waiting for their true king to return to Stormwind again. At the same time, Thrall, the renowned shaman of Hordes, finds him in Silithus.

They both get visions from Azeroth that lead them to the wounds made by Sargeras years ago. As a result, they will have to join their forces to face the upcoming challenges they need to face in the near future.