Apple Releases iOS 17.4 With EU App Store Changes, New Emojis, And More

As reported by USA Today, an iOS 17.4 update is now officially available and includes some innovative features. This update comes with fresh emojis and some improvements to the newly added Stolen Device Protection feature, noting big improvements for users in the European Union.

It was revealed in January 2024 that the iOS 17.4 update will allow iPhone users in the European Union to download apps outside Apple’s App Store. This third-party app store accessibility is, no doubt, one of the biggest additions. However, this will not be highlighted in the updates for the users in the United States. The Apple app store change will only be applied in the EU, and it comes after the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the European Union made it important for tech companies to follow their guidelines.

This update implies that users can install apps from other app stores and use other web browsers. It marks a significant change in the iPhone operating system, and there is no confirmation if the same will be rolled out in other countries in the near future.

Other than the app store updates, the iOS 17.4 update has new emojis, such as a new mushroom, lime, broken chain, and the shaking head emoji. Further, a related update on Apple podcasts allows users to utilize transcripts in any episode, with the text that simultaneously highlights with audio in English, Spanish, French, and German. Moreover, the episodes can be read, and people can search for specific words and phrases. They can also customize the text size and increase contrasts.

Another feature, Stolen Device Protection, introduced in iOS 17.3, will now have an increased security option in iOS 17.4. If this feature is turned on, your device will stay protected and prevent a thief from cracking it and getting into it in case of robbery.