Bluesky Announces New Features And Logo For Its App Version 1.60 

Bluesky announced an update about the accessibility of its content for users without logging in to the platform. Jay Graber, CEO of Bluesky, mentioned in his latest blog post on Friday that Bluesky, operating on an invite basis, will now allow logged-out users to view and access the content through the Bluesky app and on the web. Earlier, the posts were only visible to logged-in users. Bluesky also offers account users the option to stop logged-out users from viewing their content. This filter can be applied from the settings in the account preferences.

Bluesky requires people to get an invitation after clearing a waitlist or have an existing user give an invite code, but it still has more than 2.6 million users. The app reminds users of the old Twitter, as it does not support hashtags, GIFs, or video formats. The platform also has a new logo now, which features a butterfly. The previous logo with a blue sky has been changed, inspired by the use of the butterfly emoji by users to mark their presence on the platform. Graber also explains in the blog post that the new butterfly logo symbolises the aim of transforming social media into an innovation.

The platform also managed to fix many of its bugs, like reducing the network traffic, fixing pinned tabs to fall out of sync, and making the appeal label interface now visible in the drop-down menu of posts. The blog post announcing these bug fixes received many replies from users suggesting more issues should be fixed.