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Clevo NH70 is one of the most powerful gaming laptops introduced in the market. With a 17.3-inch Full-HD screen, an INTEL i7-9750H (2.60 GHz) with 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD, it is gaining its name and preference among the gaming screens

About Clevo NH70

The Clevo Laptops USA, gaming desktop, can be one of the most preferable personal computers for the gaming professional; although having a small budget. The Clevo NH70’s inside features make it a worthwhile choice and it gives an outstanding gaming performance to their users. 

Meanwhile, read more about the laptop to know about its display, longevity of the battery, selling price, internal storage, audio stability, and system performance.

CLevo NH70 Specifications

Screen Size 17.3″
Maximum Resolution 1920×1080
Processor INTEL i7-9750H (2.60 GHz)
Speed 2.6 GHz
Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Memory 8 GB
Memory Type DDR4
Memory Speed 2666MHz
Storage 256 GB
Storage Type SSD
Weight 2.5 Kg
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Estimated Battery Life – Minimum 3.3 Hours
Estimated Battery Life – Maximum 3.5 Hours
Pixel Density 127.3 ppi
Price $ 1,015.0
Average 1080p Performance 39.9 FPS
Average 1440p Performance 29.2 FPS
Average 4K Performance 17.4 FPS
1080p Cost Per Frame $ 25.4
1440p Cost Per Frame $ 34.8
4K Cost Per Frame $ 58.5
Benchmark Quality Settings Ultra Quality Settings
Overall Combination Score 42.9/100

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Clevo NH70 Specifications

Besides the above-mentioned, there are many features which make it an ideal choice among gaming laptops. Meanwhile, the Clevo NH70 metal has superior quality and is the best for an individual who uses a PC for intense gaming sessions. Additionally, with its Intel Core i7 processor, a 17.3-inch screen, and 8 GB RAM, it makes it worthy for a video-gaming enthusiast.

Why Should You Choose Clevo NH70?

In recent days, Clevo has made its place among the most popular gaming laptops available across the globe. Along with it, Clevo possesses an NVIDIA GTX 1650 graphics card with a pixel density of 127.3 PPI. Besides being a powerful gaming laptop, it has 8GB RAM and a 9th-generation Intel Core i7 processor that guarantees a fluid and seamless gaming experience. Additionally, the best Clevo NH70 thermal makes it a superior personal computer and hence, gets a full gaming experience.

Clevo NH70 Review: What Makes Them The Best Gaming Laptop?
Image by Ben

Other Specifications about Clevo NH70


This model has a 17.3-inch matte screen and an excellent resolution: 384*2160. Additionally, it has a high-definition image display and vivid colours. As a result, its excellent graphics card makes it an excellent choice for gamers.


It has a 14.4 3275mAh battery. Although the battery can be named among the drawbacks as it lasts only 3.5 to 4 hours. Hence, users have to keep it plug-in.

Processing Performance

Owing to its INTEL i7-9750H (2.60 GHz) with 8GB RAM, it gives a perfect space for gaming individuals. As a result, this means that users will not experience any issues regarding memory-intensive software.

Not only this but you can stream and play online games while processing Clevo NH70 owing to its strong processor.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Its illuminating keyboard can change colour when you are streaming or performing other tasks. Not only this but the illuminated keyboard improves the user’s gameplay and productivity.

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Portability and Weight

Another drawback of the laptop is its weight. With its weight of approximately 2.5 kg or 4.58 pounds, this laptop is heavier than the other gaming laptops. Hence, making it not so worth the choice for the individuals.


The Clevo NH70 has a one-year warranty that includes manufacturing flaws and hardware issues; however, it does not include user-related issues like damaged displays, keyboards, and internal components.


What is the price of a Clevo NH70 laptop? 

This gaming laptop is priced at about $1700.

Which country manufactures laptops for Clevo NH70? 

It is made by the Taiwanese firm, Clevo

Is Clevo NH70 good? 

With its exceptional display and memory, it can be a perfect choice for gamers.