Exploring Copilot: A Generative AI Assistant in Windows 11


Microsoft’s Windows 11 comes with an integrated generative AI assistant named Copilot. This article delves into the functionalities of Copilot, its text and image generation capabilities, its coding ability, its integration with Dall-E, and its Windows 11-specific functions.

Artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI that creates text and images from prompts, is increasingly integrating into our everyday hardware and software usage. Microsoft is actively contributing to this development, adding AI chatbot features to its Bing search engine and currently testing an early version of its new Copilot AI assistant in Windows 11.

Designed to “enhance your creativity and productivity,” Copilot operates similarly to Bing’s chatbot, capable of generating everything from travel advice to an original poem. To access Copilot in Windows 11, users must ensure they’re running the latest version of the operating system.

Text and Image Generation

Newbies to generative AI can dive in and experiment with Copilot’s capabilities. The AI can compose a short poem, an introduction to a cover letter, or text for an email to a coworker. When starting a new chat, users can choose between More Creative, More Balanced, and More Precise conversation styles, adjusting how imaginative Copilot gets with its responses.

Moreover, Copilot can generate text. Thanks to its connection to Bing and the web, it can provide information about must-see sights in a particular place, cooking and recipe tips, or advice on the best ways to solve a DIY problem at home. The responses contain links to the online sources from which the information was obtained.

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.” – Arthur C. Clarke.

After each response from Copilot, users are given a list of suggested ways to continue the conversation. They can also come up with their follow-up questions. Starting over is as easy as clicking the New Topic button.

Interestingly, Copilot can also generate code. Users can tell it what they want their code to do, specify the language, and receive a formatted code to copy and paste elsewhere. As with everything else the AI bot does, users can request edits and tweaks to the original response.

Image Generation with Dall-E Integration

Thanks to Dall-E integration, Copilot can generate images as well. Users can instruct it to create a picture of something specific to the style, and within moments, they’ll receive a choice of four options and follow-up ideas to modify the output.

Windows 11 Functions

Copilot’s integration with the Windows 11 operating system sets it apart from Bing Chat. However, this functionality is still under construction, as Copilot is an early preview version. Nonetheless, it can already perform basic tasks like opening up user programs.

Furthermore, it can provide instructions on how to use the apps or help troubleshoot problems. Copilot also supports various Windows 11 commands, saving users a trip through the Settings screens. For instance, it can enable the “do not disturb” mode or the dark mode.

However, Copilot’s current limitation lies in its inability to perform tasks inside your programs, except for Edge. This functionality can be enabled by clicking the three dots (top right), then Settings, and turning on the Let Copilot in Windows using the Microsoft Edge content toggle switch.