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Lucky Chloe is a fictional character from the Tekken fighting game and has made her debut in the Tekken 7 game. She is a teenager filled with enthusiasm and a fan of Japanese culture and cats, as apparent from her cat-ear headphones and the tail. She also makes the “nya” sound sometimes, the Japanese version of a cat’s meow.


Chloe was exposed to the Japanese idol culture by her parents when she was a kid, and she has wanted to be an idol since then. She became an idol due to her good looks and became popular when the videos of her dance moves went viral online. Her character is shown as an otaku, a person obsessed with Japanese pop culture, including anime and manga. She is hired by G Corporation, the biogenetic firm, as a mascot and speaks in Japanese and English with a Japanese accent. Initially, Chloe was not comfortable participating in any shoots because the show business was challenging for her.

However, she always succeeded with a smile on her face. Becoming a fighter was not something she thought of, but once, a bandit broke into her office and attacked her colleagues, and she was victorious in the fight with him. She seems to be constantly struggling with G Corporation and Mishima Zaibatsu, but she always puts a smile on her face.

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She is depicted as a stylish girl and ties her blonde and ankle-length hair into two mid-centred ponytails. She has aqua-coloured eyes and wears an outfit that has her name on the back of a furry, pastel pink jacket. Chloe can also be seen in a pink and black dress with laces in the back and a pink bow. She wears black tights with pink knee pads for her knees and a pink and white shoe with a black strap.


She is a good actress as an idol, but mean and bratty in real life. She is occasionally shown as a cute and playful girl, but her mean side is also quite evident. It can be seen when she makes Eddy a fool by giving him a drawing and making him believe it was a note for Kazuya’s details. She is also shown to be controlling when she forces Eddy to practice poses to become her backup dancer. She fights like a hip-hop dancer and includes kicks, twirls, and flips. There have been mixed responses from people about Lucky Chloe. Some people thought it to be an uninspired design; others said that Tekken has had many more ridiculous characters in the past.

Lucky Chloe in Tekken 7: Why Does Everyone Hate Her?

Voice Over

The voice behind Lucky Chloe is Hisako Kanemoto, represented by Production Baobab. She is popularly known for voicing Fie Claussell, Hinano Kurahashi, and Ika Musume. Kanemoto made her debut as a leading role in the series Sound of the Sky. She has also won an award for best rookie actress.

Lucky Chloe Controversy

When the new character, Lucky Chloe, was revealed to the fans, it faced a lot of backlash. The director, Katsuhiro Harada, also responded to the controversy on Twitter in 2014. The fighting games found her generic and her characters to be weird and childish in comparison to the more quirky characters available already.

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People have also said that while tekken is very realistic, they often introduce weird characters to attract the Japanese audience base. Sarcastic comments have also said that after a boxing kangaroo, a wooden man, and a robot girl, Chloe’s character is not a surprise. Her obsession with Japanese characters will make it easy for her to become a fan favorite. The character has received the most negative response from North America, but it has been used in North America the most for Tekken 7.