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Reebelo, a B2C marketplace, introduces us to refurbished, reused, and new tech gadgets, which have been abandoned and forgotten. This US-based online marketplace not only introduces cheap yet worthy gadgets but also adds value to refurbished products. Along with its various gadgets, the platform has built trust with its previous and new customers.

What is Reebelo?

Reebelo is an online marketplace that provides customers with several gadgets. Meanwhile, the gadget’s conditions are either new, used, or refurbished. Along with its varieties, the online marketplace provides specifications and the usage period for used products. Meanwhile, Reebelo currently has offices in countries like the United States, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and Hong Kong. Besides its trusted sellers overseas, it conducts 40 quality checks to ensure that it provides the best service to customers.

Reebelo Australia

One of the countries where Reebelo has made an impression on citizens is Australia. Along with its two offices in Australia, Reebelo serves the customer with its best-of-kind service. Not only this, but you can easily purchase great gadgets and products with Reebelo. Nevertheless, some reviews of Reebelo Australia marked the products “worst and used.” 

Reebelo Reviews: Know About Refurbished Electronic Market
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Is Reebelo Legit?

Since Reebeelo has started taking over the refurbished product market, many individuals from different countries have decided to give it a try. However, owing to fewer “Reebelo reviews” they were concerned about the quality issues. Nevertheless, if you are worried about the same and are constantly looking for an answer to “Is Reebelo trustworthy” along with some legit reviews for assurance, you’re on the right platform. We have gone through the review process and Reebeelo has been considered one of the best online marketing platforms. However, if you are still concerned about reviews, follow the linked page for curated reviews.

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  • Trustpilot Rating: Trustpilot, the consumer business review website, has highly suggested Reebelo. Hence, that means, the gained customers have had a positive experience with the company. Along with it, as of 2023, Reebelo has been rated 14.7 out of 5 along with 15,000 written reviews.
  • Purchases: Along with great ratings and reviews, Trustpilot has an impressive 300,000 customer base
  • Sustainability: On its website, Reebelo claims that it has saved 5 tons of e-waste.
  • Trusted Partnerships: Currently, Reebelo has extended partnerships with renowned companies such as Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi.

Reebelo Vs Back Market

Reebelo Vs Back Market

Despite Reebelo being a trusted marketing website, it has some old and new competition. One of them is Back Market, a global market that offers a similar service as Reebelo. However, if you are looking for a simplified comparison, check below,

Reebelo Back Market
Founded in 2019 in San Mateo, California, this company is 5 years old Founded in 2014 in Paris, France, this global company is 9 years old
Reebelo has yet to go global and is currently serving seven countries. Along with it, the marketplace deals with pre-owned technology devices, such as phones, notebooks, tablets, and gaming devices Back Market is currently serving as a global marketplace. Besides, this marketplace serves a wide variety of refurbished electronic products, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and gaming consoles, all of which are restored to their original functionality and sold at a reduced price
As of 2023, Reebelo has raised $29 million. As of 2022, Reebelo has raised $510 million.
It has 10,636 items of e-commerce Back Market has 10,549 items of e-commerce expert collections.


Reebelo, the online marketplace, has established itself greatly in five years. Not only with it a friendly and accessible service, but it also provides customers with 10,636 varieties of products. In conclusion, if you are looking for a refurbished product and have already landed on the website, Reebelo, you can make a definite purchase. On the contrary, Reebelo has also attracted some negative reviews regarding its price, and product mal-functionality among others. Hence, make sure that you compare the prices and have already pre-checked its specifications before purchasing a gadget.