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Sargeras is one of the mightiest and most influential creatures in Warcraft. Once, he belonged to noble titans, champions of the Pantheon, and protectors of the creation. However, after witnessing the horrors of the void lords and the corrupted world souls, he turned disillusioned and corrupt. Now, he decided to kill all beings in the universe and create the Burning Legion, a vast army of demons and corrupted races, to carry out his dark crusade.

The Fall of Sargeras

Sargeras, the champion of the Pantheon, fought against the Twisting Nether demons for millennia but became weary and despairing. He had discovered the tomb of Sargeras entrance by the void lords that wished to create a dark titan. To do so, Sargeras decided to rip all of the universe’s world souls and take life from them. He betrayed his friends and left the group of gods, after which he let loose the demons to trouble the races made by Titan. In his quest, his anger burnt ruin in one world after another in a never-ending cycle of destruction whose hunger could never be sated.

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The Tomb of Sargeras

Sargeras had tried to invade Azeroth for the first time during the War of Ancients when he was undoubtedly the mightiest of world souls. He used the Highborne to open a portal for his Legion at the Well of Eternity but was banished back into the Nether because of resistance and the Great Sundering. Sargeras discovers the Tomb of Sargeras, a structure once the Temple of Elune, and manipulates the orc warlock Gul’dan to claim secrets there. 

However, the tomb’s demonic guardians tore him apart and scattered his remains. Illidan Stormrage, a former night elf, used the Eye of Sargeras to destroy the Frozen Throne but was stopped by Malfurion and night elf forces. The alternate Gul’dan reopened the tomb of sargeras location, using ancient relics to activate the portal and infused himself with the avatar’s power. However, he was defeated by the heroes of Azeroth.

Sargeras: The Dark Titan and The Creator of The Burning Legion

The Fate of Sargeras

On the other hand, wow forums sargeras had already taken his forces to Twist Nether, where he captured the rest of the titans from the Pantheon. He subjected them to various torments and corruptions so that they may become his dark lieutenants. Yet, Illidan stood against him after Pantheon’s spirits chose him as their champion. It was in Argus, the home planet of Legion, where Illidan stormed with other outcasts and demon hunters to liberate it. There, he was able to meet Sabrina and the corrupted Titans. With their help, Illidan freed them from Sargeras’ control. Then they took him far into Argus, where they finally trapped him in a position of infinite torment.

He tried to destroy Azeroth for the last time before being held captive. Into Silithus, the sword thrust into its surface with an enormous amount of energy, forming a large wound. This impact also made the world soul inside Azeroth bleed, unleashing an unknown material called Azerite. It is a solid substance capable of augmenting abilities and causing conflicts or corruption among those who get hold of it.

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The Legacy of Sargeras

Sargeras is arguably the most critical and controversial person in Warcraft’s history. Some regard him as a visionary and redeemer trying to save the universe from the void. Yet others dread him as a tyrant and destroyer who sought to eliminate all living things and creation. Relics like the Eye of Sargeras, Blood of Sargeras, and Mark of Sargeras are some of his artefacts. This means he is the main subject and object of many games and real-life debates. He is known as the dark titan Sargeras, and his influence is far-reaching.