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Spectrum Mobile Network is a mobile virtual network operator and provides service to spectrum Internet customers for accessing Verizon Wireless’ cellular network. 

Spectrum Mobile is one of the best Verizon wireless MVNOs at an affordable price without compromising on the services. You can get 1GB of data for only $14 per month. Additionally, you also get unlimited data for only $29.99 per line. 

To activate the service with Spectrum Mobile, users need to pay $10 as an activation fee, whether it’s online or offline. But is Spectrum mobile good? One of the spectrum mobile service reviews says, “I like the mobile service. I have no complaints. Great coverage, competitive plan pricing and a great selection of devices.

Pros and cons of spectrum mobile

Spectrum, known as the internet giant, is expanding itself by providing mobile phone services, similar to Comcast and Xfinity Mobile programs. However, it will only be available to Spectrum customers, making it a premium brand. It also offers many benefits to its users, as seen in the spectrum mobile reviews like:

Unlimited data plans at the cheapest price

You can use up to 5GB of data before your speed goes to 2G. After that, you will be charged $10 for every gigabyte. Their plans are cheaper than their competitors like Cricket Wireless wireless and AT&T.

No contract is needed

The company offers month-to-month plans without any contract. It also offers a 24-month plan that can end anytime, just make sure to clear any remaining dues. You can buy devices without any need of a credit check if you have the phone and you use a BYOP SIM card.

Regular number with WiFi calling

You don’t need a sim card when using an unlocked GSM phone. You can use your regular phone number by going to Settings> Phone> WiFi calling.

New users get $200 in free Lyft credits

If the user is switching to Spectrum Mobile from some other carrier, they can receive $200 in free ride credit. This offer will be visible after clicking on Get Started

Spectrum also gives its users the option to use mobile data. Users can use up to 5GB of data at a time before the speed decreases, making it difficult to download large files

While the spectrum mobile has many benefits, it has some cons also, like the high cost and low-quality coverage. Though its services start at only $25 a month, it does not include data or texting. If you compare, other networks offer unlimited data and texting at this price. There are many spectrum mobile bad reviews as well. Those cons are listed below:

2G data after a certain limit

Spectrum Mobile limits your network speed to 2G after the consumption of your high-speed data every month.

Limited phone selection

It only offers an LG K20 V for $9 or a Moto E4 Plus at $14 per month when you sign up for 34 months in their device payment plan. 

Spectrum Mobile Review: Is The Service Better Than Verizon?
Image: Spectrum

Low-quality networks sometimes

The Verizon network offers 5gbps under 4G but switches to 1gbps in low coverage areas according to the spectrum cell phone service reviews. However, the spectrum mobile coverage map feature gives an option for users to check the connectivity in their areas.

No international roaming

You can only use data through wifi calling in other countries. The service relies on US-based signals making it difficult to use it in border-sharing countries. The spectrum mobile international rates are also quite high.

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Spectrum Mobile vs Verizon

Spectrum Mobile and Verizon share the same 4G LTE network but they are different despite offering similar services.


You must be wondering that since Verizon is expensive, spectrum should come in the first place in this category. One thing that stops this from happening is that you must be a Spectrum Internet customer first. This will cost you at least $50 per month. 

Comparatively, Verizon is a bit expensive but it is affordable for a large family. Verizon’s subscribers have lower rates for its internet services as well. 


Spectrum mobile has a network of 500,000 data hotspots which makes it easier for users to be connected to wifi. It also gives you an option to check the coverage of your area through the map. 

Verizon also has a nationwide map and Big Red covers nearly 70% of the United States and the connection is fine even in the populous areas. 

Phone selection

As Verizon is a leading carrier in the United States, It has a bigger range of devices. Verizon supports most of the CDMA phones, be they Apple or Samsung. You do not have to change your phone, just make sure to check its compatibility with Verizon’s network. 

Spectrum Mobile also offers the same as Verizon. The iPhone 14 family, Samsung Galaxy S23, and even pocket-friendly Motorola phones can be used. 

Lastly, the question remains unanswered about the best carrier option for you. It depends on your internet provider. If you are a subscriber of Spectrum, it will be a requirement for you to use that only. It will cost you more if you choose to switch to Spectrum because the internet plans start at $50. But, if you can afford to spend a bit more money to get a variety of benefits, Verizon will be a better option for you. It offers a huge variety of phones, and unlimited plans with no compromise on the quality after using a certain amount of internet.