15 Best Content Marketing Tools and Plugins for WordPress

Are you trying to find the top WordPress plugins and tools for content marketing?

Both businesses and blogs can benefit greatly from the use of content as a marketing and growth tool.

Effective content marketing solutions can help you expand your user base, improve SEO and brand awareness, foster trust, and eventually save advertising expenses.

The top 15 content marketing tools have been compiled in this post to assist you in expanding and interacting with your audience.

You can use these tools to help with various content features, such as picture optimization, grammar and spelling correction, security, and site analytics.

Take a look at the contents table. To access the tool you wish to learn about, click on one of the links.

  1. MonsterInsights
  2. OptinMonster
  3. Grammarly
  5. Smash Balloon
  6. SEMRush
  7. Duplicator
  8. Sucuri
  9. ConstantContact
  10. MemberPress
  11. Brevo Formerly Sendinblue
  12. LearnDash
  13. Canva
  14. it
  15. Asana


More than 3 million professionals rely on MonsterInsights, the most potent plugin for WordPress analytics. It’s simple for anyone to get started because you don’t need to add or modify any code to set it up as you would with Google Analytics.

By using this plugin, you may track site performance without being confused about switching between your WordPress dashboard and Google Analytics.

Alternatively, you may get simple and real-time Google Analytics statistics directly within your WordPress dashboard using MonsterInsights. This enables you to simply monitor data and have a better understanding of your website users’ behaviors from a single location.

In general, MonsterInsights assists you in making these judgments about your content marketing strategy by giving you the ability to track sales, keep an eye on shop performance, and find ways to increase conversion rates.

In addition, you may check graph and chart data for certain posts or webpages, as well as the duration of visitors’ visits and the current, real-time user count on your website.

You can see which lead-generation forms and content are doing the best with the aid of all this information. You’ll learn more about the functionality of your website. This also provides you with suggestions for content to assist you develop your website and make it more captivating and engaging.

Tracking UTMs is also made simple with MonsterInsights. So, you may use UTMs to track each influencer independently if you’ve launched a unique campaign with them. See How to Create UTM Codes in WordPress to Track Your URLs for more information.

Secondly, this plugin assists you in tracking the speed of your website and provides suggestions for improving it. You enhance both SEO and user experience by doing this.

Additionally, this plugin might help you with eCommerce tracking if you have an online store. Generally, utilizing Google Analytics to track particular items can rapidly get complicated and tiresome.

Configuring Google Analytics eCommerce monitoring for well-known eCommerce platforms like Woo (WooCommerce) and Easy Digital Downloads in your WordPress Dashboard is a simple process when you use MonsterInsights. This makes it much easier to determine which products are doing well and which ones require a more effective marketing strategy.

With this knowledge at your disposal, you can modify your content marketing strategy to better suit your target market and line of offerings.

Furthermore, MonsterInsights provides GDPR compliance, guaranteeing that analytics from websites automatically comply with privacy laws. This enables you to comply with all data policies while maintaining the ability to gather important information for your content marketing plan.

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Because OptinMonster makes lead creation simple and improves conversion rates, it’s the finest solution for generating email lists. It enables you to present exquisitely crafted and highly customized opt-in forms at the ideal moment, all without being obtrusive or spammy.

It accomplishes this by using cutting-edge targeting technology, which displays these forms when:

There is a visitor about to exit the page.

A visitor browses the page for a predetermined amount of time.

The user does nothing for a while.

As soon as a user opens the page

Following a visitor’s interaction with your material, you may infer a lot of information about them, including their device, location, and the kind of content they engaged with.

OptinMonster’s Exit Intent Technology is the most potent of these targeting rules. It knows when users are about to leave your website and prompts them to stay and explore more with offers or tailored content.

You can establish triggers with particular display criteria and create several campaigns to automate and streamline your content marketing operations. Therefore, even when several advertisements are running concurrently, just the appropriate campaign will be shown to the appropriate user.

Furthermore, OptinMonster can assist you with onpage retargeting. This implies that based on how a visitor interacts with your website, you can offer them multiple campaigns to enhance the likelihood of a conversion.

When opt-in forms are shown in such a tailored way, consumers are more likely to connect with your site and provide you with their information.

OptinMonster was designed to assist you in tailoring your campaigns to your target audience, as you can see. As such, it includes many campaign types, including Inline, Slide-in, Fullscreen, Floating Bars, and Popups.

Because OptinMonster offers over 100 templates, including themes for holidays like as Christmas, Black Friday, Fourth of July, and more, you can build up your campaign in less than five minutes. Just select a template that best fits your needs, and use the drag-and-drop builder to swiftly personalize it.

But it’s OptinMonster’s distinctive engagement features that really set it apart for content marketing.

It features gamified Spin-a-Wheel campaigns, for instance. Through this highly graphic content, they function similarly to online games in terms of drawing users in and encouraging them to interact with your website. Your audience may find this to be very engaging and involved! You can use gamified marketing to give discounts or rewards to keep people interested and foster brand loyalty.

Finally, OptinMonster is simple and quick to start up. Simply register on the official website, install the plugin through your WordPress dashboard, and let the setup wizard handle the rest.

Get started with OptinMonster today!


One of the most reputable writing tools is Grammarly. Its main objective is to improve your writing skills as a content writer, therefore it goes beyond simply correcting typos and grammar errors.

Grammarly accomplishes this by making recommendations and outlining how they will enhance the readability and quality of your work. But it also performs a great job at the fundamentals of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

It can help you reduce wordiness and repetition by helping you create phrases that are clearer and shorter. Additionally, by maintaining the appropriate tone for the subject and readership, your writing forges deeper relationships.

Grammarly’s adaptability is what sets it apart. It is compatible with a variety of platforms and devices, including desktop and mobile. It may be found as a Word and Google Docs addon, as well as a browser extension, on both Mac and Windows operating systems.


With over 3 million users, AIOSEO is the most potent WordPress SEO plugin available. It can lessen the possibility of human error or forgetting by helping you set up and automate the finest SEO techniques directly in your WordPress Dashboard.

Its features for content optimization let you produce high-quality material that both appeals to your audience and ranks well. You can accomplish this without having to perform the voluminous keyword research and content optimization procedures that are often required in order to be seen by search engines.

For example, it has a function called TruSEO On-Page Analysis that allows you to easily optimize content in your WordPress post or page editor before publishing it online. To help your content rank, you may quickly include title tags, meta descriptions, and keywords.

Technical SEO is also handled by this plugin for search engine optimization. It first enables you to include structured data, or schema markups, in your text. In essence, this informs search engines about the type of information you have—blog posts, FAQs, news articles, and so forth. Your chances of ranking in SERPs (search engine page results) are increased by incorporating schemas.

However, Google must first crawl your material before you can rank it. Because of this, AIOSEO assists you in creating sitemaps, which enhances content exposure and search engine crawling. In order for your material to show up in more focused search results, you can also set advanced sitemaps like Smart XML Sitemaps, News Sitemaps, and Video Sitemaps.

AIOSEO assists in managing the presentation of material on social networks by integrating it with social media. The more effectively you present your material on social media, the more likely it is that users will naturally click on the links and share it. Increased social signals and brand recognition may result from this, which may boost SEO. It may also result in your material becoming popular, which would increase natural traffic to your website.

To aid with content marketing even more, the Link Assistant function locates internal linking opportunities on your website. Users will find it easier to access pertinent content on your website and have a better overall experience if you have better interlinking. They may stay on your website longer as a result, which lowers the bounce rate and boosts SEO.

Despite having a ton of SEO functions, AIOSEO is made to integrate easily with other well-known tools and platforms. For instance, you may combine it with WooCommerce and Google Search Console to make SEO work easier and improve the way you sell your goods.

As you can see, AIOSEO is a game-changing tool for content marketing that is appropriate for bloggers, web developers, business owners, and marketers.

Its easy-to-use setup, extensive feature set, and integration possibilities make WordPress site optimization effective and easily raise your search engine ranks.

Smash Balloon

With more than 1.75 million active installs, Smash Balloon is the most widely used WordPress plugin for social media feeds. It enables you to display video content from your social network accounts on your WordPress website.

Smash Balloon makes it simple and quick to build up personalized social feeds in WordPress.

The nice thing about this social networking plugin is that you can set it up and use it without any development help or coding knowledge.

Rather, it easily combines with WordPress, which simplifies the process of customizing your social network feed. You can match the feed’s style to the rest of your website thanks to its layout and stylistic options.

You may even feature your livestreams so that visitors to your website can watch webinars or podcasts in real time on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Users can browse material from several platforms in one location by displaying multiple feeds on your website. To access your material, they won’t have to visit other social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

The content you submit to several locations can be viewed centrally on your website. This can improve user engagement and lengthen their stay on your website, which benefits SEO and content marketing.

Smash Balloon updates your feeds frequently, so your content is always new. This incentivizes visitors to spend more time on your website and to share your content on social media platforms straight from your website. By doing this, you raise the likelihood that your content will trend and receive more natural traffic.


Because it assists with SEO, backlinks, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing all in one location, SEMRush is an essential tool. Its user-friendly interface facilitates the completion of challenging tasks such as competitor analysis, site audits, and content optimization.

The tools for keyword research on SEMRush have to be its best feature. Finding the ideal keywords for your digital marketing tactics is made possible by the data it offers on search volume, search intent, keyword difficulty, and other factors. This can help you generate a lot more ideas for topics so you can create a content calendar for the upcoming months.

Without requiring specialized knowledge, you may produce excellent content that ranks highly in search results with the aid of a well-structured content plan. Furthermore, its content marketing tools—such as SEO Content Template and Topic Research—help create material that is search engine friendly and generates organic traffic.

As previously indicated, SEMRush supports competition analysis as well. It’s simple to observe what your rivals are up to, what they’ve overlooked, and what content methods they’re employing. Equipped with this content analysis, you can find possibilities they have overlooked to obtain a competitive advantage and recognize and replicate what they have done successfully.

Furthermore, SEMRush makes social media administration easier by letting users monitor rival accounts, plan and evaluate postings, and maintain their brand’s reputation.


Duplicator’s unique features and ease of use make it the greatest WordPress backup tool available.

Every website is vulnerable to possible mishaps like server outages, hacking, or human error. Your entire effort could be lost in a matter of seconds if there is data loss involved.

It is imperative that you backup everything you have written and published to ensure that you do not lose search engine rankings, leads, and conversions!

With only a few clicks, you can quickly backup and restore your website with Duplicator. Additionally, you may automate this process by scheduling backups to execute on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This guarantees that you never lose data and reduces admin time.

With the help of this plugin, you can also securely store backup copies in a variety of places, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and more.

Your website can be easily cloned if you ever want to test significant modifications on it. With the help of this feature, you can set up a staging area to test modifications before implementing them on your production website.


The greatest security plugin for WordPress is called Sucuri. It’s a good idea to take precautions against hackers when you backup your website.

Sucuri checks your website once it’s installed to make sure it remains secure and clear of hackers. In essence, it protects your website from viruses, hacking, and other unpleasant shocks that may arise online.

It has a firewall built in that you can turn on with a single click. In order to prevent harmful traffic from ever reaching your website, this will monitor and filter it. An additional degree of defense, if you will.

Furthermore, Sucuri also includes a CDN. This results in speedier load speeds for your content everywhere. Thus, the plugin will also contribute to enhancing the user experience.

Constant Contact

One excellent tool for tailoring emails and automating content marketing is Constant Contact. This service allows you to send newsletters, promotional emails, email marketing campaigns, and more.

In summary, it enables you to more easily nurture prospects and complies with marketing email requirements.

There is also a high deliverability rate with Constant Contact. This implies that your audience will receive your emails, and there’s a greater chance they’ll be opened.

Apart from this, you can use segments and tags to maintain the organization of your list. This enables you to categorize your audience according on user interaction and behavior. In order to give content that is in line with their interests, you can customize your content for particular groups.

For example, you can mark someone as interested in receiving your newsletter, in which case you can ensure that they receive it exclusively. On the other hand, it’s simple to add a tag and enable someone to receive emails notifying them of new blog posts as well.

Additionally, you can create drip campaigns that gradually feed your audience content in an effort to cultivate and develop a devoted following.


The greatest and most potent WordPress plugin for monetizing content is called MemberPress. It enables you to set up a members-only section of your website where users may get paid courses, exclusive perks, and access to premium material.

With the configurable paywall and content dripping capabilities included in this WordPress membership plugin, you can dictate the timing and mode of user access to your material.

It works well for content marketing because you can provide your audience with content gradually, which will keep them interested and motivate them to continue visiting or subscribing to your website.

You may utilize MemberPress’s customizable coupons in your content marketing plan to draw in and keep clients. It is a useful tool for increasing traffic and revenue because you can run promotions, sweepstakes, and special deals.

Additionally, MemberPress offers an integrated email marketing capability that enables you to maintain informed and involved members. Increased interaction, education, and communication with your audience can help you maintain product awareness and possibly even develop a devoted following.

MemberPress may be integrated with a number of well-known email marketing services, including ActiveCampaign, Drip, Mailchimp, and others. In this manner, you may use an email marketing tool you are currently comfortable with to keep in touch and nurture leads.

Brevo Formerly Sendinblue

Formerly called Sendinblue, Brevo is a flexible CRM software made to make marketing campaigns easier to manage. You can design intelligent SMS, WhatsApp, and email campaigns with Brevo.

This ensures that your material is seen by your audience by enabling you to reach them through a variety of channels in a way that works best for both of you.

Without requiring visual design expertise, you can produce beautiful emails with simple-to-use tools and templates, which makes them ideal for content marketers looking to effectively engage their audience.

Another useful tool that can help you efficiently follow up with leads and close business is Brevo’s sales platform. Understanding your leads is important for content marketing since it helps you better engage with them by customizing your material to fit their needs.


A robust learning management system (LMS) called LearnDash was created specifically for WordPress users who wish to efficiently develop professional courses.

You may simply educate your audience by creating interesting courses as a content marketer. To increase the participation rate, these courses may incorporate homework assignments and tests. Additionally, LearnDash allows you to give certificates, guaranteeing that students get the credit they merit for their achievements.

These actions can inspire your audience even more, resulting in devoted users who experience a sense of worth and comprehension.  Possessing these attributes is beneficial for content marketing since it makes your company an expert in your industry.

A fun tool that makes course development even easier is LearnDash’s drag-and-drop course builder. Setting prerequisites, adding multimedia content, and altering the course format are all simple tasks for content marketers. This might assist you in designing a special experience that will appeal to your intended market.


Canva is a fantastic tool for producing visually appealing graphics and visuals, which are essential to content marketing since they draw in and hold the attention of viewers.

You can generate visually amazing content for your target audience using Canva’s hundreds of customisable templates, whether they are for landing sites, social posts, infographics, presentations, or blog photographs.

You can create brand identity and consistency for all marketing materials with Canva.

To do this, it lets companies and team members to make and save brand kits, which guarantee that fonts, color schemes, and logos are used consistently across all images. Maintaining brand recognition and consumer trust requires a consistent approach.

Furthermore, Canva is made for teamwork, so you can collaborate with your coworkers on design projects in real time.

In addition to shortening the time needed to create marketing materials, this also ensures that the content complies with the company’s brand standards.


ReSmush.It is a free utility for improving images.

It reduces size and dimensions of photographs without sacrificing quality in order to optimize them. This ensures faster content access and helps with page loading times.

ReSmush.Other than WordPress, it integrates easily with a wide range of content management systems. It can also be integrated with Prestashop, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress, which makes it a useful tool for modifying images.

Since its launch in 2017, reSmush.it has optimized over 2 billion high-quality photos and had over 100,000 plugin installs. As a result, it is quickly emerging as a trustworthy resource for content marketing.


Asana is a useful application for efficiently organizing your assignments, projects, collaboration, and workflows.

You can monitor your content marketing campaigns from beginning to end using this project management tool, which will help you stay organized and aware of who is in charge of what and when.

You have the freedom to select the view that best fits your project and team by organizing your work as lists, calendars, timelines, Gantt charts, or Kanban boards.

You can add labels to tasks using custom fields, which makes it easier to report, filter, and arrange your work.

Teams that manage content marketing will find this especially helpful since it makes it possible to group and evaluate assignments according to various standards, such the kind of material or priority.

For enhanced cooperation, Asana can also be integrated with messaging services like Slack. You may also look into Trello as an alternative to this. Check out our list of the Top Team-Friendly Online Collaboration Tools.

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