7 Common Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In 2023

Before Talking Straight About Web Design Mistakes, Let’s Understand The Importance Of Design.  

Websites are the digital depiction of your business. So, they demonstrate the business’ products and level of services you deliver and how well you meet your client’s needs. That means customers will trust what your website will tell them. What if your website is yet to be able to fulfil its job smoothly? For example, it might have some flaws in the design, content, or usability that eventually makes you lose your customers’ trust.

For example, around 50% of internet users say that website design is vital in formulating an opinion about a brand. Similarly, another study shows that first impressions of websites are 94% related to design. That means your design takes the lead in engaging the web users. Further, your website design takes part in creating your brand identity and also the sales funnel.

You surely want to get and maintain all good opinions and first impressions visitors will have about you, let alone the sales. Also, the rapid advancement of technology and the web world has not left any excuse for having a poor design on your website. Plus, there is a huge availability of website designers Australia with affordable services for website designs Melbourne to help you.

You need to draw special attention to your website, design it well, and make it fit for purpose. 

If you are building a new website or already have one, you need to avoid and modify some web design mistakes. In this regard, you can get help from a web design company Sydney and save your website reputation.

We are here to discuss some of these design mistakes that make your visitors lose interest and shift to another website.

So without further ado, let’s get into details.

Some Common Web Design Mistakes You Need To Avoid At All Costs

Now you know the significance of website design for website usage, customer retention, and business revenue. So you must also try to free your website from these design blunders.

1. An Imperfectly Designed Logo

You already know the significance of a logo. It portrays your brand’s company identity and can create or spoil your business’s status. Besides, logo design is fundamental in website design for brand recognition. However, some logo design mistakes can directly affect your website design effectiveness. For example,

  • Inappropriate use of typefaces
  • Bad colour choice
  • Making a difficult design

Other logo mistakes can be:

  • Over-dependence on trends – Completely trend-based logos become outdated after some time, losing their charm. The logo design must be unique so as to withstand the test of time.
  • Pirating your logo – This is another serious mistake during logo making. Each business needs a different and exclusive logo to show its company’s recognition and reach out to a large audience. Pirating or copying concepts from other companies will weaken the impact of your brand.

Creating an outstanding logo is not a simple task – even designers can face problems when making a brand’s custom logo. Therefore, it is better to let graphics experts at a website designing company in Australia handle your logo design.

2. Non-Receptive Design

Another one of the web design mistakes is the non-responsive web design.

A receptive design is one that is enhanced to the user’s favoured device. People use mobile phones more than PCs to browse, and your website must alter to smaller screens. A receptive design will keep probable customers intact for an extended time. Statistics show 73.1% of web designers believe that non-responsive web designs are a top reason why visitors leave a website. For instance, to name a few slip-ups:

  • Bad web layout (in some devices) ends in inferior quality images and poor readability.
  • Tough navigation
  • Web design is not mobile-friendly
  • Unconnected or wrongly-designed images
  • Inferior-quality imageries

Graphics and images are essential constituents of web design. Also, images deliver a message vividly, grasp attention, and conduct visitors’ vision. Yet these design mistakes indeed influence your website’s usability and offer a pessimistic user experience. Hence, disappoint your business conversions

3. Excessive Pop-Up, Ctas, And Chatbots

It is a fact there is very little difference between helping and irritating users. We mean that excessive pop-ups and chatbots will make the audience lose interest in your website (counting among web design mistakes). Your visitor might be navigating products or reading a blog post, and these pop-ups will distract them or, frankly speaking, will annoy them. However, notifying them once is usually enough.

However, it’s not like you have to omit all pop-ups and CTA from your website. In fact, around 7 out of 10 small business websites don’t have a call to action. Remember, not adding CTAs and chatbots will eventually affect your conversions. Instead, it’s always helpful to memorize your site visitors that you’re always there to help or share what you have to offer. 

It’s just that you need to balance these design elements and time these CTA and pop-ups carefully on your website. Also, you can discuss your approximate ratio for these elements with the company for website design in Melbourne beforehand.

4. Use Of Inappropriate Aesthetics

Every website owner indeed wants a fancy website (design) that can hook their users’ attention for a longer time. Also, convince them to browse the website further. However, sometimes what happens is too much aesthetics, and the said components, including buttons, cram the user interface (UI). That, in return, makes it difficult for the users to understand the website and what it wants to tell. Thus, the graphical hierarchy of your content and design is very crucial. 

Hierarchal aesthetics are usually the exclusive small animations, colours, words, and images. The sizing and spacing between these (aesthetics) are also important in getting user enactment. In fact, 84.6% of web designers confess that massive web design is the most common mistake for growing startups. So, you must avoid the poor hierarchical aesthetics policy to leave room for easy navigation and excellent UX.

Also, use effective graphical hierarchies with outstanding techniques to execute smooth user journeys. In this regard, experts at Australian web design companies can help you deliver quality website design to your users.

5. Lengthy Or Sluggish Landing Pages

If a website loads slower, the visitors lose interest in that site and shift to another website instantly. The same applies to landing pages. Your landing pages are here to convert visitors (persuade users to purchase with you).

Though, you need all your probable client’s attention on what you are vending. However, content-packed, design-lengthy, or slow-like-snail landing pages will not do any good for you.

A fast website takes less than 2 seconds to load. Your page should have the same loading speed. Speed is the ranking factor and directly affects your bounce rate and users’ purchasing decisions. If your website loses in this aspect, it will doom your business conversions. So if your web design or landing page takes increased loading times, your first call is to modify the speed.

Start terminating additional aspects like videos, complicated graphics, and audio files from the page. If you feel them necessary, then shift them to another less-crowded page. Similarly, give a precise description and vivid graphics to get the visitors’ attention.

Experienced web design services Australia draw a particular focus on creating fast-loading website designs and landing pages. Therefore, it is always a necessity to sign up with a veteran. By doing so, you can be sure to avoid having common web design mistakes on your website from the start.

6. Weak SEO

Good web design does not only encompass enhancing user involvement; it also includes a powerful Search Engine Optimization strategy. SEO-optimized content complements your web design, provides appreciated value, and boosts natural visibility for search engines. However, common SEO mistakes can impact your web design usability and might include the following:

  • Complex Website Architecture
  • Poor URL structure
  • Crawling issues
  • Lacking an SEO-friendly Design
  • Writing lengthy content

So, you need to omit these errors to support your design effectiveness. You can employ Australian web design companies with SEO expertise to formulate designs that improve traffic and lead generation.

7. Absence Of Contact Information

Complex navigation or missing contact information is one of the most common yet unlucky web design mistakes.

Visitors can any time need to browse the company’s contact points while surfing your website or discussing products/services in more detail. If a visitor has to search through your website to look for your contact, they are more likely to get saddened and leave.

So be it a B2B or B2C website, eCommerce, or simple info-based site, easy access to contact information of the business is a must. It can include relevant information concerning your contact, like email address, phone number, address, etc., on your website.

Wrapping up

In the current marketplace, a website is an important business tactic. If you fail to grasp it the perfect way, you will lose leads, sales, and cash on the table.

So it’s your job now to start testing your site for the mentioned web design mistakes and modify them at the earliest. However, it will surely take time and effort to sort these mistakes out. The best way is to outline the mistakes and call a website design company Sydney for help.

If you are new to the website world, an Australian website design company can help you from the ground up.

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