8 CSS and JavaScript Code Examples for Designing Intricate Gradients

Gradients have become a popular element in web design due to their versatility. They can be used to make a bold statement or to create a specific mood. With modern CSS and JavaScript, gradients can now be used to add movement and interactivity to web pages. Additionally, gradients are no longer limited to container backgrounds and can also be used to style text content, enhancing headlines and calls to action.

To showcase the possibilities of gradients, we have compiled eight great examples from CodePen:

1. Grainy & Gradients Text Using color-mix by LukyVJ: This example utilizes the CSS color-mix property to create a beautiful text gradient that allows the page background to show through. The graininess of the gradient adds a unique touch.

2. Single Element Gradient Background Patterns by Ana Tudor: Conic gradients are used in this example to create unique and intricate patterns for each card element.

3. Animated Radial Gradient Pattern by Loktar: This animated presentation demonstrates the use of gradients as backgrounds. The result is visually stunning, and the code required is impressively minimal.

4. Single DIV Radial Gradient Swirl by Adam Argyle: This example showcases how a single div element can contain multiple colors using radial gradients. Four gradients starting from the edges meet in the middle, creating a colorful swirl effect.

5. AI Prompt UI with Subtle Gradient by Vincent Durand: This artificial intelligence (AI) interface combines subtle gradients with glassmorphism to produce a unique aesthetic that brings life to the page.

6. Radial Gradient Cursor Trailer by Uzo Awili: Gradients are used to cast a bright pink hue on a background image as the cursor moves. This effect is achieved with a small amount of CSS and JavaScript.

7. Magical CSS Blossoming Flowers at Night by Md Usman Ansari: Gradients play a significant role in this “magical” snippet, adding dimension and allowing virtual plant life to fade into black. The repeating-linear-gradient function simplifies the effect’s usage.

8. Complex Gradient Examples by Drew McConville: This snippet combines multiple gradients into a CSS background to create compelling results. Scroll through to see four examples featuring a mix of colors and gradient types, inspiring experimentation.

Gradients have made a comeback in web design after the era of flat design. They add flavor to various design elements and can be customized in endless ways, from simple to complex. For more CSS and JavaScript gradient ideas, check out our CodePen collection.

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