Designers Weekly News № 723: Free eBook on User Interface Typography, JavaScript Not Required, CSS Wrapped 2023

Here are some articles and tutorials related to web design and development:

1. “An Interactive Guide to Making SVG Loading Spinners”: This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to create SVG loading spinners using simple SVG attributes like stroke-dasharray and stroke-dashoffset. [Read more](

2. “CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Gradients”: Explore a collection of code snippets that allow you to create stunning gradients using CSS and JavaScript. [Read more](

3. “On-Scroll Sliced Text Animation Tutorial”: Learn how to create a scroll-triggered sliced text animation where segmented elements come together as you scroll. [Read more](

4. “Does Web Design Matter?”: Dan Mall discusses the current direction of web design and whether traditional methods are still relevant. [Read more](

5. “Is the Flat Design Trend Finally Over?”: This article explores the dilemma faced by designers who must choose between the simplicity of flat design and the allure of more intricate and three-dimensional design elements. [Read more](

6. “User Interface Typography”: Dive into the art of effective user interface typography with this free eBook, covering everything from fundamental principles to layout construction and incorporating diverse design elements. [Read more](

7. “Psychology of Speed”: Gain a detailed understanding of perceived performance in web design through this comprehensive guide. [Read more](

8. “Double Exposure & Duotone Photoshop Action Sets”: Transform your photos with stunning duotone or double exposure effects using these fully customizable and easy-to-use Photoshop actions. [Read more](

9. “The hanging-punctuation Property in CSS”: Learn about the hanging-punctuation property in CSS and how it can be used to enhance typography. [Read more](

10. “You Don’t Need JavaScript for That”: Challenge the assumption that JavaScript is always necessary by exploring examples where it may not be needed. [Read more](

11. “CSS Wrapped 2023”: Discover the significant advancements made in CSS this year, including new features and updates introduced in Chrome and across the web. [Read more](

12. “Retool State of AI Report 2023”: Explore the current state of AI usage and development through this comprehensive report. [Read more](

13. “10 Weird HTML Hacks That Shaped The Internet”: Delve into the world of quirky HTML code tricks that managed to shape the internet as we know it today. [Read more](

14. “The State of UX in 2024”: Get insights into what to expect for User Experience (UX) Design in the coming year. [Read more](

15. “The Lack of Compensation in Open Source Software is Unsustainable”: This article highlights the issue of inadequate compensation in open-source software development. [Read more](

16. “CSS Hooks”: Explore advanced CSS features that can be accessed through native inline styles using CSS Hooks. [Read more](

17. “Deceptive Patterns in UX: How to Recognize and Avoid Them”: Learn how to identify and avoid deceptive patterns in user experience design. [Read more](