Designers Weekly News № 724: Mastering Scroll Fading, Exploring UI Design Trends of 2024, and Essential Frontend Tips

Google has provided an update on its progress in phasing out third-party cookies in Chrome. The company aims to improve privacy and tracking protection for users. You can read more about it in this article: [Third-Party Cookies](

The article “UX/UI Design Trends Going Into 2024” discusses the trends that are here to stay and dominating the web. To learn more, check out the article [here](

Next year, “Interaction to Next Paint” will replace “First Input Delay” as a Core Web Vital metric. Find out more about this change in the article “Preparing For Interaction To Next Paint” [here](

If you’re interested in the latest icon design trends to enhance your mobile UI and product branding, take a look at the article “2024 Icon Design Trends” [here](

For creatives looking for striking aesthetic and functional power, the article “Free Slab Serif Fonts for Creatives” explores the world of free slab serif fonts. Read more about it [here](

“BrandGuide” is a curated collection of brand guidelines from around the world. Discover more about it [here](

Learn about the benefits of scroll fading, including improved brand perception, optimized load time, and more digestible content, in the article “Scroll Fading 101” [here](

If you’re in need of a new font, “Aileron Free Font” offers various styles to choose from. Check it out [here](

Interested in creating an interactive mouse effect? The Codrops tutorial “How to Create an Interactive Mouse Effect” provides the fundamentals of Three.js Instancing. Read more about it [here](

“Getting Started with Web Performance” offers knowledge, confidence, understanding, and resources to test, diagnose, and improve website performance. Find out more [here](

If you’re experiencing performance issues with your WordPress website, the article “What’s Slowing Down Your WordPress Website?” provides simple tips to identify and address these issues. Read more [here](

“Wanted Sans Free Font” is a new, free sans-serif font from Wanted. Learn more about it [here](

“Front Tips” is a collection of short video tips covering all areas of web development. Explore it [here](

Interested in coding images in HTML with SVG? The “SVG Tutorial” will teach you how. Check it out [here](

The article “Evolving the Infinite Canvas” discusses the concept of the infinite canvas and its evolution. Unfortunately, the link provided is broken.

“A Recap of the State of the Word 2023” provides a summary of the State of the Word 2023. Unfortunately, the link provided is broken.