Designers’ Weekly News № 725: Exploring Anchor Positioning, JavaScript Rising Stars, and the Leap Free Display Font

Introducing Fontimize: A Python Library for Font Subsetting

Fontimize is a new Python library that allows you to subset fonts, reducing the file size by up to 95%. This can greatly improve the performance of your website by reducing load times. With Fontimize, you can ensure that only the characters used on your website are included in the font file, eliminating unnecessary data.

Loadership: A CSS-only Config Tool for Creating Website Loaders

Loadership is a CSS-only config tool that makes it easy to create loaders for your website. With Loadership, you can customize the appearance and behavior of loaders to match your website’s design. This tool eliminates the need for complex JavaScript code and simplifies the process of adding loaders to your site.

Matte Effect Lightroom Presets: A Collection of Free Matte Effect Presets

If you’re a photographer or photo editor, you’ll love Matte Effect Lightroom Presets. This curated collection features the best free matte effect presets for Adobe Lightroom. With these presets, you can quickly and easily apply a matte effect to your photos, giving them a stylish and vintage look.

2023 Year in Review: A Look Back at WordPress Development

The WordPress Developer Blog takes a retrospective look at 2023 in their latest post. This comprehensive review highlights the major developments and trends in WordPress development over the past year. Whether you’re a WordPress developer or simply interested in the platform, this article provides valuable insights into the state of WordPress in 2023.

Why Adobe Abandoned the Figma Deal: An Explanation

In an article from The Verge, the reasons behind Adobe’s decision to abandon the Figma deal are explored. This insightful piece delves into the factors that led to this unexpected turn of events and provides valuable context for those interested in the world of design software.

2023 Was a Bad Year for UX, But the Future is Bright

Despite the challenges faced by the UX industry in 2023, there is optimism for the future. In this article, the author reflects on the difficulties encountered in the past year and highlights the potential for growth and improvement in the field of user experience design.

Free Google Slides Templates: Get Started on Your Next Presentation

If you’re looking to create a professional presentation quickly, Free Google Slides Templates can help. This collection of templates offers a range of designs and layouts that can be easily customized to suit your needs. With these templates, you can save time and create visually appealing presentations in no time.

2023 JavaScript Rising Stars: An Overview of the JavaScript Landscape

For those interested in JavaScript development, the 2023 JavaScript Rising Stars article provides a comprehensive overview of the JavaScript landscape. This informative piece highlights the emerging trends, popular libraries, and frameworks that shaped the JavaScript ecosystem in 2023.

Dynamic Pictograms For Design Systems: Enhancing Design Consistency

Dynamic Pictograms For Design Systems is an article that explores the use of dynamic pictograms to enhance design consistency. The author discusses the benefits of using dynamic pictograms in design systems and provides examples of how they can be implemented effectively.

Leap Font: A New Display Font for Free

Designer Ross Shafer has created Leap Font, a new display font that is available for free download. This unique font can add a touch of creativity and personality to your designs, making it a valuable addition to your font library.

Dos & Do nots for the WordPress Block Editor: Lessons Learned

In Dos & Do nots for the WordPress Block Editor, Eric shares his insights and lessons learned from building websites with WordPress blocks. This article provides practical tips and best practices for using the WordPress Block Editor effectively.

Rebirth of the UX Unicorn?: Exploring the Role of UX Designers

The concept of the UX Unicorn is examined in this thought-provoking article. The author discusses the evolving role of UX designers and the potential for a resurgence of the UX Unicorn, a designer who possesses a wide range of skills and expertise.

Anchor Positioning: Enhancing CSS Positioning Capabilities

Learn about the new dynamic addition to CSS positioning in Anchor Positioning. This article explores how this feature can enhance the capabilities of CSS positioning, allowing for more flexible and responsive designs.

2023 Digital Accessibility Year in Review: A Comprehensive Overview

The 2023 Digital Accessibility Year in Review provides a comprehensive overview of the advancements and challenges in digital accessibility. This article highlights the progress made in making digital content more accessible to all users and identifies areas for improvement in the future.