Designers Weekly News № 728: Showcasing Wireframe Examples, CSS Motion Path, and GitHub Profile Generator

Here are some articles and resources that you may find interesting:

1. “A Guide to Styling Tables”: This detailed tutorial provides guidance on styling HTML tables, including basic elements and advanced techniques such as zebra striping and split columns. [Read more](

2. “Wireframe Examples”: Explore a new collection of wireframe examples that can serve as inspiration for your next web project. Additionally, a free Figma wireframe kit is available. [Read more](

3. “State of Email 2024”: Gain insights into email marketing benchmarks, industry statistics, and trends for this year. [Read more](

4. “Challenges of Building a Shared Experience on the Web”: This article discusses how the web brings people together in unique ways and explores the impact on web designers trying to create shared experiences. [Read more](

5. “Upcoming Web Design Conferences 2024”: Stay updated with a comprehensive list of all the web design conferences happening this year. [Read more](

6. “Rules for Making Products that Customers Love”: Product lead Peter Yang shares his ten rules for creating products that people will love. [Read more](

7. “A Deep Dive into the CSS Grid Layout Module”: Master the art of responsive layouts by learning through step-by-step code examples for better web development. [Read more](

8. “Color Grading LUT Packs for DaVinci Resolve”: Discover the best color grading LUTs for DaVinci Resolve, perfect for filmmakers looking to enhance their video projects with professional, cinematic tones. [Read more](

9. “The Web Component Success Story”: Explore the potential of web components in enhancing web development by enabling interoperability across different JavaScript frameworks. [Read more](

10. “Better Sales Pages with Better Typography”: Oliver Schöndorfer shares five tips for designing convincing sales pages using better typography. [Read more](

11. “What is CSS Motion Path?”: Learn how to animate elements along a predefined path, making complex animations easy without JavaScript. [Read more](

12. “UX Needs a Sense of Urgency About AI”: Jakob Nielsen provides recommendations on why UX professionals must embrace an AI career or risk becoming irrelevant. [Read more](

13. “GitHub Profile Generator”: Create impressive GitHub profiles with this web-based app. Showcase your skills and projects more effectively. [Read more](

14. “A Call for Consensus on HTML Semantics”: Stephanie Eckles emphasizes the need for a unified understanding and approach to HTML semantics. [Read more](