Designers Weekly News № 732 – The Impact of JavaScript Bloat in 2024, Figma’s Advancements for Developers, and Introduction of a New CSS UI Kit

Here are some articles and their summaries:

1. “A Web Designer’s Accessibility Advocacy Toolkit” – This article provides a toolkit for web designers to advocate for accessibility and offers strategies and tips to improve web interfaces for all users.

2. “JavaScript Bloat in 2024” – Nikita Prokopov discusses the excessive use of JavaScript on websites and calls for a focus on leaner, performance-oriented web development.

3. “Mastering Figma for Developers” – This guide highlights Figma’s advantages for developers, such as its collaborative, cloud-based platform, and tools that streamline design-to-development workflows.

4. “Tailframes CSS UI Kit” – A new UI kit for Tailwind CSS, offering pre-designed components to speed up web development with easy customization and a focus on productivity.

5. “Slideshow Templates for Premiere Pro” – Explore top slideshow templates for Premiere Pro to make your presentations stand out. Perfect for any project, these templates offer creative solutions.

6. “A Deep Dive into Aptos” – An insightful exploration of Microsoft’s new default font, Aptos, detailing its commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and adaptability in design.

7. “Winduum CSS Component Framework” – A new modular CSS component framework built on top of TailwindCSS, emphasizing modern CSS features for building accessible, customizable, and lightweight web components.

8. “Product Design is Overtaking UX” – This article discusses how product design is becoming more prominent than UX design.

9. “Create & Manage Block Patterns in WordPress” – Learn about WordPress’s new feature that allows users to create, manage, and share block patterns within the Block Editor.

10. “How Jakob Nielsen Developed the 10 Usability Heuristics” – This article explores the history behind Jakob Nielsen’s development of the 10 usability heuristics.

11. “Making of True Multi-Brand Design System” – A detailed journey into building a single design system for multiple brands, platforms, or products.

12. “Free Responsive Icons” – A collection of 266 icons for UI design, available in Figma and Sketch formats.

13. “Exploring 3D Effects with 2D Optical Illusions” – Learn how to create 3D effects with 2D optical illusions using CSS, JavaScript, and GSAP, focusing on perspective manipulation and staggered animations for realism.