Designers’ Weekly News Issue 704

Here are some articles and their corresponding images:

1. “Writing CSS In 2023: Is It Any Different Than A Few Years Ago?” – This article explores the changes in CSS over the years. [Image]

2. “The Ultimate Guide to AI Web Design 2023” – Discover how web designers can leverage AI tools to enhance their work. [Image]

3. “8 Ways To Dress up Quotes With CSS & JavaScript” – Learn creative ways to style quotes on your website. [Image]

4. “Figma Typography Secrets – Seven Pro Tips Revealed” – Uncover hidden tips for using typography in the Figma prototyping app. [Image]

5. “Elstob Font” – Explore a variable font designed for medievalists. [Image]

6. “The 20 Best Titles Templates for Adobe After Effects” – Grab attention with these impressive title templates for Adobe After Effects. [Image]

7. “New Viewport Units” – Stay updated on the latest CSS unit options. [Image]

8. “Inspiration for Text Block Transitions” – Get inspired by examples of word animations in text block transitions. [Image]

9. “Invisible Details of Interaction Design” – Dive deep into building a stronger design intuition and vocabulary. [Image]

10. “Why Web Design Client Referrals Aren’t a Slam Dunk” – Learn about the etiquette and risks associated with client referrals in web design. [Image]

11. “SVGmix” – Access a collection of free SVG logos and icons. [Image]

12. “Source Prompts” – Search a database of example prompts for use with AI tools. [Image]

13. “How we created a joyfully bolder icon system” – Follow a team’s journey in building new iconography. [Image]

14. “What the End of Adobe XD Says About the State of Design Tools” – Gain insights from the design community about the state of design tools. [Image]

15. “A Guide to Variables in Figma” – Explore an exciting new prototyping feature in Figma. [Image]

16. “An Introduction to Native CSS Nesting” – Learn about the ins and outs of this new CSS feature. [Image]

17. “Analysis of 39 WordPress plugins with over a million active installations” – Discover interesting facts and figures about popular WordPress plugins. [Image]

18. “WordPress 6.3 to Introduce a Development Mode” – Explore a new development mode feature in WordPress 6.3 that benefits theme developers. [Image]