Designers Weekly News Issue 705

The article features several links to different resources and topics related to design and web development. Here is a summary of the content:

1. Building a design System with Tailwind CSS: This article provides a step-by-step guide on creating a design system in Figma using Tailwind CSS. It includes a practice exercise.

2. Scroll-Based Layout Animations: This resource explores different scroll-based layout switch animations using GSAP’s ScrollTrigger and Flip.

3. Scroll Progress Animations in CSS: The article explains how to use CSS to link an animation to the scroll progress of a container.

4. Increase Revenue From Your Existing Web Design Clients: This resource discusses ways to boost revenue from existing web design clients.

5. Commit Mono Font: Programmers can learn about this neutral typeface that is suitable for coding.

6. React Design Patterns: The article takes a look at the design patterns included with the popular React framework.

7. The Biggest Pains in Website Maintenance: This resource discusses the challenges and complications that can arise during website maintenance.

8. What is the Bento UI Trend, and How Can You Get Started?: The article provides an in-depth look at the Bento UI trend, a popular layout style.

9. Phosphor Icon Family: This resource introduces a flexible icon family that can be used for interfaces, diagrams, presentations, and more.

10. A Checklist for Choosing Type: The article offers a handy checklist to help choose the perfect fonts for design projects.

11. Free Keynote Templates for Creatives: This resource provides a collection of beautiful and professional Keynote templates for creating polished presentations.

12. Iconbuddy: This resource offers a collection of over 100,000 customizable open-source icons.

13. Multi-Layered Calendars: The article explores innovative ideas for calendars that go beyond traditional formats.

14. AI Presents Many Challenges for Web Designers: This resource discusses the potential benefits and challenges that artificial intelligence brings to web design.

15. Using Variable Fonts in theme.json: The article provides tips for using variable fonts in WordPress block themes.

16. Scoop: Vox Media Drops its Own CMS: This news article reveals that Vox Media has replaced its proprietary CMS with WordPress.

Each topic is accompanied by an image related to the content.