Designers’ Weekly News Issue 714

Here are some articles and their corresponding images that you might find interesting:

1. “A (More) Modern CSS Reset” – This article provides a CSS reset that takes into account current browsers. [Link]( [Image](

2. “The Next Generation of Web Layouts” – Discover how the future of layouts may focus more on text. [Link]( [Image](

3. “Why Use React in 2023” – Explore the benefits of using React from a designer’s perspective. [Link]( [Image](

4. “8 CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Creating Blur Effects” – Check out these stunning examples of blur effects created with code. [Link]( [Image](

5. “Simplified: Jakob Nielsen’s 10 usability heuristics” – Learn about the rules for improving the usability of your website or application. [Link]( [Image](

6. “Move Over Photoshop! Microsoft Paint Now Has Layers and Transparency” – Discover the new powerful features of Microsoft Paint. [Link]( [Image](

7. “What My Old Design Projects Have Taught Me” – Learn valuable lessons from past website projects. [Link]( [Image](

8. “Rediscovering The Joy Of Design” – Gain insights on taking a philosophical approach to design. [Link]( [Image](

9. “The Design System Ecosystem” – Explore what a mature, end-to-end design system looks like in a complex organization. [Link]( [Image](

10. “State of HTML 2023” – Participate in a survey that examines the evolution of HTML. [Link]( [Image](

11. “Do All of the Projects in Your Portfolio Look the Same? That’s OK.” – Discover why quality and consistency matter more than originality in your portfolio. [Link]( [Image](

12. “Accessible But Never Boring” – Learn about the rebranding of the Wise design system for inclusivity. [Link]( [Image](

13. “Stop Lazy Loading Product and Hero Images” – Understand why implementing lazy loading incorrectly may be worse than not implementing it at all. [Link]( [Image](

14. “Why Are CNN, FOX, and US Websites Visually so Aggressive?” – Discover the reasons behind the bold visual styles of TV shows and websites in different cultures. [Link]( [Image](

15. “ Plugin Pages Add Download Link for Using Plugins on Self-Hosted Sites” – Learn about the recent tweak made to this controversial feature of [Link]( [Image](