Designers Weekly News Issue 715

Here are some articles and resources that you may find interesting:

1. Adobe Stock Offer: Get access to a wide range of stock images with this Adobe Stock Offer. [Link to article](

2. Animated Background Videos: Enhance your video projects with this collection of free looping 4K background files. [Link to article](

3. Fullscreen Image Slideshow Animations: Discover creative ideas for designing slideshow animations on fullscreen images. [Link to article](

4. Lightroom Mobile Presets: Take your mobile photos to the next level with these free presets for Lightroom Mobile. [Link to article](

5. Responsive Type Scales with Composable CSS Utilities: Learn how to create fluid type scales with responsive type utilities. [Link to article](

6. Branding Identity Mockups: Explore a collection of branding identity mockup templates for your design projects. [Link to article](

7. Influence the Future of WordPress: Share your thoughts and ideas by taking the 2023 WordPress annual survey. [Link to article](

8. WordPress Plugins for 2023: Discover essential plugins for small business owners and web designers using WordPress. [Link to article](

9. 25 Years of Google Search: Celebrate the history of Google Search and its impact on developer trends. [Link to article](

10. Micro Tips for Remarkably Better Typography: Improve your typography skills with these quick tips in less than eight minutes. [Link to article](

11. Is the Fast & Cheap Website Still Realistic?: Explore the debate on whether fast and cheap website design is still viable in today’s market. [Link to article](

12. GitHub Repositories for JavaScript Mastery: Discover a list of GitHub repositories that can help JavaScript developers of all experience levels. [Link to article](

13. In-Page Links for Content Navigation: Learn about the benefits and considerations of using in-page links for content navigation. [Link to article](

14. Naming Things Needn’t be Hard: Find inspiration for naming HTML classes, CSS properties, or JavaScript functions with these useful word lists. [Link to article](

15. The Difference Between Cheap & Budget Clients: Understand the distinctions between cheap and budget clients and how they may impact your work. [Link to article](

16. There’s No such Thing as a Desktop Screen: Challenge the notion of desktop-only apps and explore the importance of responsiveness. [Link to article](