Designers’ Weekly News Issue 717

The article features a collection of links to various web design topics. Each link is accompanied by a brief description and an image. Here are the topics covered in the article:

1. “Being Picky about a CSS Reset for Fun & Pleasure” – Chris Coyier discusses the recently revamped CSS reset by Andy Bell.

2. “Best Practices for an Intuitive Mobile Dashboard UI” – Tips for creating a smooth mobile dashboard experience, including navigation, tables and charts, button UX, and interactivity.

3. “Get into the Halloween Spirit with These Spooky Snippets” – Creative examples of how to use CSS, HTML, and JS to create spooky effects.

4. “The Secret Formula for Apple’s Rounded Corners” – Arun Venkatesan explores the hidden formula that determines the roundness of Apple products.

5. “When to Nest CSS” – A discussion on the cautious use of CSS nesting.

6. “Unstock SVG Icons” – Free AI-generated SVG icons.

7. “Where Does Dreamweaver Fit in Modern Web Design?” – A look at whether the code editor Dreamweaver is still relevant in modern web design.

8. “Scrollbars are Becoming a Problem” – An examination of the issue of shrinking scrollbars.

9. “Styling External Links with Attribute Selectors” – Learn how to use attribute selectors to style external links.

10. “Why WordPress Theme & Plugin Demos Aren’t Easy” – A discussion on the challenges involved in creating demos for WordPress themes and plugins.

11. “The Unpredictable Life of a Freelance Web Designer” – Coping with the unpredictable nature of freelance web design work.

12. “Preparing for the End of Third-Party Cookies” – Action steps for websites that use third-party cookies as their deprecation approaches.

13. “What is Design-Driven Development?” – An exploration of design-driven development.

14. “State of the Woo 2023” – Highlights of the future of WooCommerce and its integration of AI and core blockification.