Designers Weekly News Issue 719

Figma AI Updates to Enhance Your Design Workflow

Figma has recently unveiled prototypes for platform updates that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI). This article from Tuts+ delves into each of these updates, exploring their potential and possibilities.

State of Brand Report 2023

Gain valuable insights into the current trends, challenges, and strategies in branding this year. This report provides key information that can help you navigate the ever-evolving world of branding.

Internet Artifacts

Take a journey through the history of the internet with this collection of artifacts, spanning from its early days to the present. Explore the evolution and impact of the internet on our lives.

Naming Variables In CSS

Jonathan Dallas shares his thoughts on naming CSS Custom Properties, offering valuable insights and considerations for developers.

The Negative Impact of Mobile-First Web Design on Desktop

While mobile-first web design has its advantages, this article highlights the significant usability issues it can create when viewed on desktop devices.

Free T-Shirt Mockup Templates for Photoshop

Showcase your mobile app design or responsive website with these realistic and free iPhone mockup templates for Photoshop.

Introducing Learn Performance Course

This new and free course is designed for individuals interested in web performance but may be new to the subject. Learn the fundamentals and best practices for optimizing website performance.

It’s 2023, Here is Why Your Web Design Sucks

Heather Buchel explores the reasons behind the decline of web designers and the changing landscape of web design in 2023.

State of React 2023

Stay up to date with the latest developments in React with this comprehensive report. Gain insights into the current state and future trends of React.

Let’s Reinvent the Wheel

Discover new possibilities and innovative approaches to web development with this thought-provoking article.

The 2023 Design Tools Survey

Participate in this survey to contribute to the understanding and improvement of the design tools industry. Your input will help shape the future of design tools.

CSS & JavaScript Snippets for Creating Notification UIs

Explore a collection of CSS and JavaScript code snippets that can be used to create unique notification and alert systems and user interfaces.

Image Layer Animations with Clip-Path

Discover creative ideas for page transition animations using layered images and clip-path. Enhance the visual appeal and interactivity of your website.

Common Questions About Interpreting Page Speed Reports

Gain a deeper understanding of how performance tools evaluate and report on page speed metrics, including core web vitals. Learn how to interpret these reports effectively.

Geist Font

Introducing Geist Font, a new typeface specifically designed for developers and designers. Enhance your projects with this free and versatile font.

Photoshop Action Sets for Cinema & Movie Effects

Elevate your photos with one-click cinema and movie effect Photoshop action sets. Transform your images and give them a professional and cinematic touch.