Designers’ Weekly News Issue 721

Here are some articles and their summaries:

1. “How To Find a Developer Job in 2023”: This article provides extensive guidance for developers with little or no experience on how to find a job in the software development field in 2023.

2. “10,000 Years Saved”: Learn how Core Web Vitals have significantly reduced the waiting time for web pages to load, saving users a total of 10,000 years.

3. “Using CSS content-visibility to Boost Rendering Performance”: Discover the advantages of using the CSS property “content-visibility” to enhance rendering performance, along with situations where it may not be suitable.

4. “Cookie Permissions 101”: This article presents cookie permission design guidelines that can help developers establish long-term relationships with users and improve brand loyalty.

5. “Dynamic Tooltip Reveal Animations”: Explore a dynamic tooltip animation that incorporates various reveal effects, featuring fragments appearing in different quantities.

6. “Hideo Free WordPress Theme”: Introducing a new free portfolio WordPress theme called Hideo, created by Anders Norén.

7. “Designing Web Design Documentation”: This article discusses considerations for designing documentation in web design projects and provides useful resources for designers.

8. “Ad Banner Mockup Templates”: A collection of photorealistic ad banner mockup templates that are easy to edit and can bring your designs to life quickly.

9. “State of the Designer 2023”: Figma conducted a survey among designers in Europe and APAC to explore the impact of changes in working patterns, collaboration, and relationships with other departments on designers’ well-being.

10. “HTML First”: Learn about a set of principles aimed at making web software development easier, faster, more inclusive, and more maintainable.

11. “Why You Should Use PX Units for Margin & Padding”: This article explains the benefits of using pixel (PX) units for margin and padding in web design.

12. “A Web Designer’s Secrets to Longevity”: Gain insights into the secrets of longevity in web design from a professional who has been in the industry for over 25 years.

13. “The Web Can Do What!?”: Created by the Chrome for Developers team, this showcase demonstrates the incredible capabilities of the modern web.

14. “Letter & Spirit of Web Development”: Jens Meiert explores the concept of “letter and spirit” beyond just law and applies it to web development, emphasizing its importance in the field.