Gemini: Formerly Google Bard, Weekly News for Designers № 729 – Exciting Updates on Animating Font Palette and SVG Filter Maker

Google Bard has undergone a transformation and is now known as Gemini. This update introduces a mobile app and the advanced Ultra 1.0, allowing for more extensive and sophisticated AI collaboration. The article includes an image showcasing the rebranding.

Another article mourns the decline of the square checkbox in UI design, which has been replaced by round checkboxes. This shift marks a significant departure from a long-standing user interface convention. The article also includes an accompanying image.

Web development is discussed in another article, highlighting the growing complexity in this field. The author explores the overwhelming number of tools and frameworks available and advocates for simplicity and project-specific technology selection. An image is included to support the content.

The impact of subscription fatigue on web designers is the focus of another article. It examines how the prevalence of subscription-based services affects both web designers and their clients. The article delves into the implications for the industry, and an image is provided.

A tutorial explores a new feature in Chrome 121 that allows for animating transitions between font palettes in color fonts using CSS. The article explains the process and benefits of this feature, accompanied by an image.

A tool called SVG Filter Maker, created by Chris Kirk Nielsen, is highlighted in another article. This tool enables users to easily create SVG filters with a graphical interface, enhancing designs without requiring coding knowledge. An image showcasing the tool is included.

The use of font-based relative length units in CSS for responsive designs is discussed in another article. The author explores alternatives to pixels and rems, emphasizing their adaptability to user settings. An image supports the content.

A collection of transition packs for DaVinci Resolve, including free options, is featured in another article. These transition effects are of professional-grade quality. An image is included to showcase the packs.

Over 200 optimized SVG country flag icons are available in another article. These icons are designed to align perfectly on a 32px grid and can be easily copied and pasted. An image displaying the icons is provided.

A comprehensive library of high-quality, minimal, and pixel-perfect icons designed specifically for Figma projects is highlighted in another article. The article emphasizes the versatility and usefulness of these icons. An image showcasing the library is included.

Premiere Pro transition packs are featured in another article. This collection includes dynamic, seamless, creative, and essential transitions for video editors. An image accompanies the article.

The evolution of button designs in UI is discussed in another article. The author advocates for buttons that clearly indicate their function over minimalist designs, emphasizing the importance of usability. An image supports the content.

The best LUTs (Look-Up Tables) for Premiere Pro are shared in another article. These LUTs, both free and premium, add a professional touch to color grading. An image is included to showcase the LUTs.

A new WordPress plugin called Performance Lab is introduced in another article. Developed by the WordPress Performance Team, this plugin enhances website speed through modules for image optimization, WebP support, and performance checks. The goal is to integrate these features into the future WordPress core. An image accompanies the article.