How to Protect Personal Information Online – Your Cyber Identity

Welcome to the Digital World! What do you think is true? Of course, we are living in a place where we all are shielded by the roof of the internet. Whatever we want, we can easily get them from just surfing them on the internet. It is the playground that involves everyone playing around for various tasks like working, studying, operating a business, and doing many other things. That is why now the place you are living is no less than a digital place. Here you are going to discover how to protect personal information online. How to Protect Personal Information Online

What do you do when you search for anyone on the online channel? Simply, you will open your social media channels and will be able to see what you are looking for. This is one of the best facilities that the Internet has provided to us. Thus it is true to say Thank you internet for disclosing everyone’s information. But for this, we need to secure our personal information with the help of pCloud. 

But at the same time, it is very dangerous because we all can see all the personal information on the internet, and that is worth disturbing. The reason is that there are attackers who are out so that they can just grab the collar of all your personal information. We just put our details for a good reason but do you know that they are always there to keep a strict eye on us? 

What do you think will happen when your personal information is destroyed or leaked? This is something very confidential and needs to be tackled carefully. That is why we need to understand that there is no need to spread too tiny details of yourself in your social profiles. 

That is why this guide is for you so that you can protect all your data and keep it secure with the help of pCloud. Let’s dig into some more information so that you can protect your details. 

How to Protect Personal Information Online

I know it is hard to protect all your information but it is not that challenging to take protective measures to secure the same thing. That is why this guide is specially made for you so that you can protect your information by following certain steps. Here are a few tips that will help you learn about how to protect personal information online. 

Create Strong Passwords

When you are creating a password you need to understand that your password is one of the most essential things that needs to be protected. Don’t use simple terms like your birthday or family name or some casual numbers, or phrases. These are things that can be guessed very easily. Remember your information is already present on the internet and the characters have numerous ways to attack it. You can make a strong password with the help of pCloud.

Don’t Overshare on Social Media

We all know that social media is something where we like to share our images. We do it just for fun but this is not what attackers think. They will see your images and can use them against us. They can create fake profiles and play with them in-depth. That is why it is always said not to share too much on social profiles. I am not saying to log out all the accounts just not to overshare them, because it will be enough to stay protected. 

Use Free WiFi Carefully

When you are in public and try to connect with free facilities like Wi-Fi then STOP! Always make sure that you are using them with caution because they can harm your data and steal your important details. That is why when you are connecting to free Wi-Fi you need to ensure the network is secured before you add your phone number to it. 

Watch Links and Attachments

Whenever you open any links or attachments make sure that they are from secured connections of pCloud because at times even they are dangerous. You need to ensure everything is safe so that you can be secured and do not land up in a situation to lose all your details. 

See if the Site is Secured

When you are opening any link make sure that you are entering the correct initials because they matter a lot. Even a small letter can cause you trouble because if you land on a hacker page it may hack your system and your details will be removed. That is why while opening a website make sure that you put the correct details on the site. 

Consider Additional Protection

You need to ensure that you are installing an additional layer of protection on the site so that you can protect your system. You can do this simply by installing an antivirus which will help you shield your system. 

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

There are some of the accounts that need extra security just because they hold important information of yours. For them, you can just go with the extra security system so that there is more than one security measure to open your account.  

  • You can add an app or a security key to keep your information shielded with pCloud.
  • Another key you can use is to go with the scanning system like your fingers, retina, face, or any other thing.

These are the multi-factor protection that you need to use for your accounts so that you can protect all your essential details. This is one step that you can add for yourself. 


These are some of the important things that you need to follow while you are connected with the online world. Since we rely on the digital world and we share so much information that is why you need to ensure all these things. Once you are protected with the system of pCloud there will be fewer chances to get caught. I hope you can find information related to how to protect personal information online.

I think, after reading this you will be able to understand that there are so many ways in which attackers can attack you. But with effective measures, you will be able to control them. 

Look there is no wrong to make your social channels but you need to optimize them accordingly so that attackers can find difficulty in hacking your account. So now you may follow all these steps and you are ready with strong protection with pCloud.