Is a Side Hustle Necessary for Freelance Web Designers?

Taking your freelance web design career to the next level can be challenging. It requires a combination of hard work and strategic planning. Simply having a lot of projects doesn’t guarantee more revenue, and being constantly busy can lead to burnout. Assessing your career and determining the best path for growth is essential, taking into account your skills and strengths.

Many freelance web designers, including myself, have turned to side hustles to increase their earnings. Writing has been a successful side hustle for me, while others may sell web-related products or do subcontractor work. There are plenty of opportunities for those with talent and technical skills.

However, side hustles can become overwhelming and may feel like a necessity in today’s marketplace. It’s important to consider the pros and cons of branching out beyond web design. Not every freelancer will be able to access well-paying projects, as agencies often have more resources and clout. Working with small and medium-sized clients is common but may limit growth potential. Increasing prices or hiring help can be options, but they come with their own challenges.

Side hustles offer several benefits, including the opportunity to increase income and add variety to your workflow. They can also provide a mental reset and allow you to pursue your passion. However, there can be drawbacks, such as getting stuck in unfulfilling situations or having a negative impact on your web design business. Time management and financial considerations are also important factors to consider.

When searching for the right side hustle, consider what aligns with your skills and interests. Starting small and simple is recommended to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Define what success means to you and set goals accordingly. Think about the long-term impact of your side hustle on your web design business and prepare for potential scenarios.

Side hustles may be becoming the new normal for freelancers as they provide recurring revenue and help accomplish other goals. Consider where you are in your freelance journey and whether a side hustle is the answer you’ve been looking for.