Is the ‘Fast & Cheap’ Website Still Feasible?

Freelance web designers are responsible for building and maintaining websites for various organizations. However, some clients have high expectations but a limited budget. These clients typically want a “fast and cheap” website and expect designers to complete complex tasks within a short timeframe. This has always been a challenge for web designers, especially as technology has advanced.

In the past, web designers were able to create websites quickly and inexpensively using static HTML. However, client expectations have evolved along with technology. Websites are now more complex, requiring content management systems like WordPress and extensive testing on multiple devices. Accessibility is also a crucial consideration, as there are legal and moral obligations to ensure websites are accessible to all users.

Building a website quickly and cheaply is not feasible for most projects due to these factors. Additionally, clients may not be able to meet their own outsized expectations, resulting in delays. However, there are some instances where a fast and cheap approach may be suitable, such as for single-page websites or promotional microsites. These projects should be considered temporary and limited in customization options.

Web designers must also consider whether accommodating these clients is worth their time and effort. Pulling all-nighters to meet unrealistic demands may not be fair or financially rewarding. Setting strict boundaries and conditions for the project is essential. If designers are uncomfortable with the arrangement, it is acceptable to decline the project.

Overall, while it is technically possible to build a fast and cheap website, web designers should carefully consider the feasibility and value of accommodating these clients.