Seeking Inspiration & Ideas Beyond the Web

If you want to create a captivating website, it’s logical to seek inspiration from other websites. However, this approach may not lead to originality due to the increasing homogeneity of the web. It’s becoming difficult to differentiate one site from another, and this sameness can even be observed in your own portfolio.

Instead of relying solely on other websites for inspiration, it’s important to explore alternative sources. This article explores various areas outside of web design that can serve as inspiration.


Photography is not only a tool to enhance a website but also a source of inspiration. The subject matter of a photo may not be directly relevant, but it can spark creative ideas. Elements such as colors, lines, and facial expressions can have a powerful impact. Additionally, there are numerous online resources for finding inspiring photographs.

Print Design

Printed materials can provide inspiration for web design. With advancements in CSS, it’s now possible to recreate complex print layouts on the web. Books, magazines, catalogs, outdoor advertising, murals, and graffiti are all potential sources of inspiration.

The Natural World

The natural world offers endless design possibilities. From the patterns displayed by birds to the vibrant colors of leaves, there is unique inspiration everywhere. Even everyday objects in your backyard can reveal hidden details that inspire awe. Being outdoors and experiencing nature with all your senses can also fuel creativity.

Industrial Design

Industrial design, found in everything from phones to skyscrapers, can inspire web design in unexpected ways. It encompasses a wide range of styles and can be adapted to fit any purpose. Whether you prefer minimalism or complexity, industrial design offers plenty of inspiration.

Seeking a Fresh Perspective

Continuously looking at the same websites can lead to stagnation and a lack of originality in your designs. While predictability in UI design is important for usability, it’s also crucial to find sources of inspiration outside of the web design bubble. Exploring photography, print design, the natural world, and industrial design can provide a fresh perspective and spark creativity.