Top 20 Adobe After Effects Title Templates

In the vast digital landscape, where attention is scarce, we all find ourselves competing for the audience’s attention. When you publish videos online, the choices for viewers are endless. Without capturing their interest right from the start, there’s a risk they’ll simply click away to the next video listed in the YouTube sidebar, lost in the sea of video content.

The key lies in grabbing the viewer’s attention swiftly and decisively. And that’s where an After Effects title pack comes into play, guaranteeing a splash in your video’s opening section.

Gone are the days of thinking you have to create everything from scratch. The finest After Effects title template options offer pre-built designs, allowing you to craft a powerful title that kickstarts your video with impact.

In this collection, we present twenty of the best title packs for Adobe After Effects. Each of these templates takes a different approach, setting the tone for your next video in a unique and captivating way. Whether you’re looking for an edgy and energetic vibe or a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic, these title packs provide the versatility and creativity you need to captivate your audience from the very first second.

If you’re new to After Effects, you might like to take a look at our collection of tutorials. Or, you might like our free collection of title templates for After Effects.

Modern Titles & Lower Thirds Template for After Effects

Modern titles and lower thirds templates like these are unmatched in their flexibility and work perfectly well for video productions of virtually any niche. The kinetic designs are modern, without being too flashy.

Spend time building up text overlays, then add them to your projects with this template. With a minimalist design, they are stylish and can be edited to match various types of content.

Brand Titles Template for After Effects

While managing a brand, it’s important to maintain a consistent look and feel in your digital media. These title templates help you do precisely that with their elegant and modern designs.

They’re easy to customize to fit the needs of any company. With the bundled video tutorial, it’s also very easy to get started.

After Effects Dynamic Funny Titles

With title templates like these, your video won’t lack in style. Green and yellow colors have been used to build the stylish text overlays. All you have to do is drop in your text to craft custom titles.

The animated designs can be easily adapted to many topics and video themes. Be creative and imagine how these titles can work for you. The possibilities are endless.

Waves Abstract Title Template for After Effects

Abstract title designs are a perfect option because of their versatility. When you choose a titles pack like this, you’ll find they will work well for projects of all types. No matter what, your video will benefit from the sleek artsy styles found here.

The Waves Abstract Titles pack features 3D designs with fluid, colorful layouts. They’re easy to adapt to your own specific needs. Use them if you want to make a great impression in a fun way.

Colorful After Effects Text Titles Templates

Colorful titles kick off your videos in an engaging way. This template pack has many unique designs, each with its own custom style. And with 4K resolution, the title overlays look flawless on every display that they are viewed on.

Try these titles with photos and videos to bring your content to life. Exit animations have also been included to ensure seamless transitions. If you need help getting started, there’s a video tutorial included.

Minimal Animated Titles for After Effects

In design, more often than not, less is more. The same is true in video production, a philosophy reflected in this title template pack. These dynamic effects have ten title options included.

You’ll find layouts for different screen sizes, and, of course, HD and 4K designs are included. Plus, you’ll enjoy resolutions tailor-made for Instagram stories and social media posts.

Real Estate Titles for After Effects

Do you need titles for your next real estate video? This pack is purpose-built for buyers and sellers. A sleek, grayscale design has been used to help your video content stand out.

When you edit these titles, you’ll notice that most include drawings of houses. This means you can expand the pack’s use if you’re a builder, designer, or contractor. Each one has been stylishly drawn and subtle enough to avoid distracting from your core message.

Inspire Titles for After Effects

These cinematic title designs are the ideal intro if you’re looking for a “wow factor.” They’re sci-fi inspired, with a memorable design for video openers. Particles beautifully merge to form your titles.

You can use them for corporate or film intros. The colorful layouts are easy to customize and can be edited to the needs of your project.

Colorful Title 2 for After Effects

This is another colorful option. This title pack offers an array of designs for everyone. The overlays are warm and friendly, adding a breath of fresh air to every video. You won’t need any special plugins for the titles to work, either.

With full-color control, you can adapt the pre-made title designs to your own needs. Consider this template pack whenever you need engaging, attractive titles for a video project in After Effects.

Cinematic Particles Titles for After Affects

Cinematic text overlays like this launch videos with a powerful opener. They’re elegant enough for use in professional videos. But they can easily be adapted to create enjoyable intros for lighthearted content and short productions.

All you have to do is drop in your content. You won’t need plugins, and a helpful instruction file has been included if you need a jump-start on the editing process.

The Dark Side Titles

It’s important to match your After Effects title to the overall mood of the video. If you’re introducing a dramatic or serious video, this After Effects title pack might be the perfect one for you.

The stock option includes stunning aurora borealis footage. And you can update the text and design a title that will give your video a truly memorable impact.

Titles After Effects Collection

What’s better than a title template? How about a titles pack with multiple animations in one package? That’s precisely what this asset offers. Flexibility means that one download gives you several animations to produce a title that complements your video.

You don’t have to be an After Effects professional to use these titles either. When you don’t have footage of your own, this option can help bridge the gap thanks to its use of simple photo overlays.

Clean & Minimal After Effects Titles

The enthusiasm of this title pack says it all. It’s another introductory option that helps your video stand out. Many of the intro animations focus on animating a logo. So if the focus is on your branding, this might be the perfect titles template for you.

The pre-built layers include logo placeholders that you can replace with just a few clicks. This title is one of the easiest to customize and can be placed on stock footage or photos allowing you to create a memorable intro.

Broadcast Titles Pack

When you use After Effects templates, you can easily create a studio-quality broadcast on a limited budget. This After Effects title pack gives you one crucial asset you’ll need for a professional broadcast package.

Imagine using this template to design a special-purpose broadcast for your YouTube channel. While previewing this template, it’s easy to imagine using this titles pack as a way to introduce a live broadcast with teaser footage and a branded title animation.

Text Titles V4 for After Effects

It’s always amazing how impactful a typographic video can be. This After Effects title template proves that text is more than enough for an engaging intro.

As always, the strength of this title pack template is that it’s easy to adapt to your own needs. That means that it’s easy to render the intro by simply typing over the placeholders. You won’t need any extra plugins to produce an animated text title.

Minimal After Effects Templates

Minimalism is the art of using fewer elements. This After Effects title pack captures that spirit thanks to its simplicity. Each effect in this title pack is similar but includes many options for designing custom titles.

Use the simple shapes and pre-rendered animations for a simple and focused title. The preview shows the smooth and sleek transitions that help to bring into focus your video in the first 15 seconds.

Minimal Intro Titles Pack

The best After Effects titles work seamlessly with existing footage. Maybe you have a great shot or a series of stock photos that would create a great opener for your video. You could even combine several title animations to build a standalone teaser video.

Wedding Titles for After Effects

Maybe you’re a wedding photographer wanting to give clients extra value. That could come in the form of a slideshow or montage of images. Update a template like this with the name of your clients plus the date.

This wedding-themed After Effects title template sets the stage for a video that celebrates your clients’ big day. It includes text and graphics that fit the occasion perfectly.

Epic Fire Titles

There really is a title pack for every occasion. This template proves it with its hellacious, fiery animations that would fit the mood of a video that needs a touch of drama. Even though the template looks like a pre-rendered fire animation, it’s easy to customize with the text of your choice.

Open the template, add your text, and set fire to the intro! You’ll see the fiery animations update to follow the shape of your text.

Minimal After Effects Title Templates

This is another minimalist option for those who love to embrace the “less is more” mentality. This After Effects titles template gives you 16 unique options to choose from.

The variety of animations in this package is truly impressive, as each template brings a different style to the table.

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