I wish I had the power of teleportation.

Like, how cool would it be to visit all the Divi meetups around the globe? Every month! Welp, unfortunately, I don’t have the power of teleportation, and I can’t visit every Divi meetup across the globe every month. 😭 However, by pure determination, I have been able to visit several Divi meetups in my past five years with Elegant Themes. To me, one cannot fully build up a community without some face-time.

Read on as I share short stories about four unforgettable Divi Meetup visits over the years.

1. Divi Gulfport Divi and Divi Salt Lake City at WordCamp US 2019

Meeting Suzi of Divi Gulfport & Dustin of Divi SLC at WCUS 2019!

Let’s rewind back to another time. A time before world pandemics and inflation. 😅
Okay, cringy joking aside, back in November of 2019, WordCamp US took place, and our Elegant Themes leadership team went. On the first day of WCUS, we hosted a Divi Meet-&-Greet, and it was the first time I got the forward face of the community of Divi users. Coincidentally, Dustin of Divi Salt Lake City and Suzi of Divi Gulfport were in attendance, and it was so lovely meeting them! Short, sweet, and surprising, I was sure glad to be graced with their presence. 🙏🏼

2. Divi Sacramento Fall 2020

Meeting up with Rosalinda of Divi Sacramento.

For sad reasons, I had to make a family trip to Sacramento, California, in October of 2020. The lockdown was still kickin’, and I was only traveling because of a death in the family, so I didn’t take time off. I worked the whole time and decided to capitalize and invite Divi Sacramento to coffee. Rosalina was the only organizer at that time, and she was happy to meet! We had a great time getting to know a little bit more about each other and I discovered she has a thing for R2D2. 😍

3. Divi Valencia Summer 2023

Meeting Celine and the Divi Valencia crew!

Last summer, I ended my WordCamp Europe travels in Spain! I visited Madrid, Barcelona, and the beautiful coastal town of Valencia, where we have a Divi chapter. Much like I do, I reached out to Celine to meet up but this time I proposed an actual Divi Valencia meetup! Celine was onboard, and we decided to keep it casual with a meet-&-greet at Mercat de Colón. Besides meeting Celine, I got to meet a few others in the community and had a wonderful time chatting. Plus, it ended up being a great time to practice my Spanish. 💥

4. Divi Dallas/Fort Worth November 2023

Meeting with the Divi Dallas/Fort Worth crew!

One of my best friends got married last November and she happens to live in Texas! And, double bonus, her wedding was taking place in Fort Worth which was perfect! I knew that our Divi DFW organizers were based in Forth Worth, so, you guessed it, I poked Tommy & Kent and convinced them to meet up. 🙌🏼
They served me up the best southern hospitality and gave me the top concierge treatment! We had coffee and brunch, saw some cattle roam the street of the Stockyards, had an afternoon cap, and then Kent very graciously dropped me off at the airport! My cup ran over with gratitude, and it was the perfect way to end my weekend in Dallas/Fort Worth. 🤠

Who Will I Meet Next?

Ideally, visiting all the Divi meetups at least once is a great goal to strive for but until that can happen, I’ll continue to strike when serendipity presents itself. And it would appear that it’s happening sooner than expected! Rumor has it that I’ll be in Torino for WordCamp Europe this June and there are plans to cause some sort of magic with the Divi Italia community! Stay tuned for more details.

I hope to see you there!

And if you want to join in on the Divi Meetup fun, we’d love to bring you aboard!

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