Google’s New AI Tools: Gemini Pro, Imagen 2, and More


Google has recently introduced a suite of new Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, including Gemini Pro, Imagen 2, MedLM, and Duet AI. This article explores these tools, their functionalities, and how they can benefit developers and enterprises.

The future of AI is here with Google’s new tools, shaping a new era in technology.

The technology giant Google has recently unveiled Gemini, its most capable AI model to date, and a range of other AI tools, models, and infrastructure. These tools are designed to help developers and enterprises flexibly build and ship applications, marking a significant advancement in artificial intelligence.

Gemini Pro Availability

Gemini Pro is now available to developers and organizations via the Gemini API in Google AI Studio. This advanced AI tool extends its availability to enterprises through Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform. Developers keen on trying out Gemini Pro can use the API via AI Studio, a free web-based developer tool. For a fully managed AI platform with additional customization and Google Cloud features, developers can transition their code to Vertex AI.

Introduction of Imagen 2

Google also announced the introduction of Imagen 2 on Vertex AI, an upgraded text-to-image diffusion technology. Developed by Google DeepMind, Imagen 2 presents many features and delivers significantly improved image quality. It can generate creative and realistic logos for businesses, brands, and products. It can provide enhanced results in areas where text-to-image tools often struggle, including rendering text in multiple languages.

MedLM in Vertex AI

Adding to its innovative tools list, Google introduced MedLM, a family of foundation models fine-tuned for the healthcare industry. It is available to Google Cloud customers in the U.S. through Vertex AI and will soon be introduced to Google’s open Model Garden. MedLM builds on the Med-PaLM 2 foundation model and will quickly incorporate Gemini-based models into the suite to offer even more capabilities.

Duet AI for Developers and Security Operations

Duet AI for Developers is now generally available. This AI-powered code and chat assistance tool from Google Cloud offers help in building applications inside users’ favorite code editor and software development lifecycle tools. It also streamlines running applications on Google Cloud. Duet AI for Developers provides enterprises with built-in support around privacy, security, and compliance requirements. In the coming weeks, Google plans to incorporate Gemini across the Duet AI portfolio.

With Duet AI in Security Operations, Google Cloud has become the first primary cloud provider to make generative AI generally available to defenders in a unified SecOps platform. This move illustrates Google’s commitment to offering top-notch security solutions using AI.

Google’s recently introduced AI tools are significant in AI and technology. Developers and enterprises eagerly look forward to leveraging these tools to build and ship applications more flexibly. With such advancements, Google continues to shape the future of AI and technology.

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