The Complete Guide to Hiring React Native Developers

Need a React Native developer? You are not the only one. More and more organisations are turning to React Native because it cuts across the Android and iOS platforms making it a cost-effective option than native apps. 

This increase in the use of this framework makes it challenging for businesses to hire a React Native programmer. 

From defining your project requirements to choosing a hiring option that fits your budget and vetting programmers based on skills and experience, hiring a React Native programmer never gets easier without advanced preparation. 

This article provides a complete guide on how to find and hire the best React Native developers for your business. 

Key Points

  • React Native is a JavaScript framework that allows programmers to create reusable code for developing apps. A React Native developer uses the framework to create cross-platform mobile applications that work on the Android and iOS platforms.  
  • You need a React Native programmer if your business is at the early startup stage, you want to develop a new mobile app, or you want to switch from a native app to a cross-platform app.
  • Some of the skills of a React Native developer are knowledge of JavaScript, tools like Redux, ES6, ESLint, etc., writing clean reusable code, testing and debugging and soft skills like time management, problem-solving and communication.
  • The three hiring strategies for finding React Native programmers are employing in-house developers, freelancers or outsourcing your project to a nearshore development company. The third option is the best because it gives you access to expert programmers.

What Is a React Native Developer?

A React Native programmer is a software engineer who uses the React Native framework to produce a cross-platform application. 

What is React Native? Also known as RN, React Native is a popular mobile application framework based on JavaScript that lets developers build apps for Android and iOS platforms. 

React Native is popular because programmers can create reusable code, making it easy for front-end developers to build production-ready apps for mobile platforms. 

With React Native, software engineers can build a seamless and user-friendly interface by creating components from several wireframes and prototypes. Developers in this field are mainly responsible for writing automated tests to generate clean, maintainable, efficient, and reusable codes.

The Complete Guide to Hiring React Native Developers

Here are some of the roles of a React Native programmer

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to create apps within specific timelines and budgets.
  • Create seamless UIs for iOS and Android applications.
  • Run performance tests on the application and fix any errors in the code.
  • Design and develop UI components for JavaScript web and mobile applications.
  • Write clean, maintainable, and reusable code.
  • Work with third-party dependency and APIs.

The Challenges of Finding a React Native Developer 

Finding the perfect developer to build your React Native application is challenging for several reasons; here are a few.

Hiring is a Time-consuming Process

Most businesses think employing a programmer is easy, but that is far from reality. On average, hiring the right programmer for your project can take up to two months. 

This indicates that hiring is time-consuming and can be worse if you are limited in time and want to get your project done quickly. Delays in developing your app can be a problem, especially when stakeholders want to see results within a specific time frame. 

Aside from that, to hire the right React Native programmer, you must list the skills and experience and post advertisements on job portals. 

Lots of Recruitment Agencies

Many recruitment agencies mean you have plenty of options when hiring a React Native developer. But that will be a problem because choosing the best agency can be overwhelming. 

Aside from that, most recruiting platforms are paid, so you have to pay to advertise your job vacancy with no guarantee that you will find the right programmer. And remember that the longer it takes to find a programmer, the more you pay. 

Most recruitment agencies will promise to find the right programmer for your project but fail to go deep into your requirements because they want to complete the hiring process quickly. This may result in you getting a developer that doesn’t suit your task. 

Finding Developers with Experience for Your Project

It would help if you had a developer that meets your project requirements to develop your mobile application successfully. This means hiring a React Native programmer with the right skills and experience. 

There are many developers; when you post job advertisements, your email will be flooded with many applications. But few of those programmers have the right skills to build a React Native application. 

So, you must apply due diligence and ensure the programmer demonstrates competence in skills and experience by examining portfolios and reviews. Doing all these requires much time, which can slow the project development rate. 

The Complete Guide to Hiring React Native Developers

When You Have to Hire a React Native Developer 

Businesses hire React Native devs for several reasons. Let’s look at some reasons why your business might need one.

Your Business Is at the Early Stage

Is your business a startup in the early stage? You need to hire developers to build your software product as quickly as possible because your investors will like to see results in the shortest time possible. If you decide to build your application with React Native, you need a competent programmer to develop ready-to-market software. 

You Have a Web Application and Want to Switch to a Mobile App 

Do you have a web application and want to switch to a React Native mobile app? It would be best if you had an expert programmer for the task. The transition to React Native will be easier if your front-end developer has a background in React. If you don’t have a web developer with the right skills, you can extend your team by hiring a React Native developer. 

You Have a Native App

Do you have a native Android or iOS app? In that case, you need to hire Android and iOS developers separately, which is not cost-effective. To save money and time, you can hire React Native programmers to build cross-platform mobile applications. So, no need to have two separate teams of Android and iOS developers. 

The Complete Guide to Hiring React Native Developers

Tips for Hiring React Native Devs 

Hiring a developer is easy if you write out your project details, assess experience and skills, and choose the right hiring option. Here are some tips to follow. 

Write Your Project Details

To hire a React Native programmer, ensure you write a detailed job description and be as specific as possible by focusing on your business needs. One way to do that is by conducting market research and analysing how your customers will engage with your product. 

What problem do you plan to solve? What features do you plan to add to your React Native app? Write a list of everything you need before searching for a programmer. 

Writing your project requirements may be stressful, especially if you are a non-tech manager. You can outsource your project and explain your ideas to make it easy. The nearshore development company will help you scope your software product and list all the deliverables. 

Evaluate the Developer’s Experience 

Experience matters when hiring a software developer. Do you need a junior, mid-level, or senior software developer to build your React Native mobile application? 

If you have a complex project or need a developer to bring your idea to life, hiring a senior React Native developer is the best idea. Senior software engineers have experience with coding and can build a ready-to-market product for your business. 

Consider the Skills of the React Native Developer

React Native programmers must have specific skills to build a go-to-market product for your business. Below are some skills to look for when hiring a React Native programmer. 

  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript. Since React Native is based on JavaScript, the programmer should know how to use it to develop UI components and the entire app logic.
  • Ability to write clean code. Writing clean code is a must when developing software. This will make it easier for other developers to read and debug the code later. React Native devs must be able to write clean code so that it will be easy to improve and maintain the app.
  • React tools. When hiring a React Native programmer, you should consider familiarities with React tools like Virtual DOM, JSX, Enzyme, Webpack, ESLint, Redux, Sentry, and Flux.
  • Debugging and testing the app. Programmers skilled in React Native must be able to test the application to ensure it works properly and debug the code to find and fix errors.
  • Third-party integration. Developers must be able to integrate all the libraries and frameworks into the application and third-party services like Google, PayPal, and Facebook.
  • Time management skills. Software developers must work on tight deadlines. So, consider time management skills when hiring a React Native programmer. Time management will ensure that the programmer finishes your project before the launch date and that you don’t keep your investors waiting.
  • Communication skills. Excellent communication is another skill for hiring a React Native developer. If the programmer works as part of a team, communication skills will ensure that they collaborate, discuss problems that arise, and solve them quickly. Also, communication will make it easy to share feedback with the developer when there is a need for adjustments. 

Choose a Hiring Option 

You must choose between three main hiring options; hiring an in-house developer, freelancers and outsourcing your project when searching for a React Native programmer. Let’s go through them one after the other. 

Outsource to a Nearshore Development Company 

Another hiring option for finding a React Native dev is outsourcing your project to a nearshore development agency like Deazy. 

Outsourcing is the best option for startups and non-tech managers who know nothing about React Native development. 

There are several advantages; here are a few.

Pros of Hiring a Nearshore Development Company 
  • You can hire developers fast with a few clicks.
  • You can build a dev team of more than one React Native programmer to work on your project.
  • No need to worry about planning the project because a project manager will be assigned to supervise it from start to finish.
  • You have access to lots of experienced programmers that can work on your project.
  • They have pre-vetted developers with the right skills, so there is no need to go through the laborious screening and onboarding process. 

How to Outsource to a Nearshore Development Company 

To outsource your React Native development project, follow these steps.

List Your Project Requirements 

One of the hardest things for startup founders and non-tech managers is for them to list their project requirements. But when you use a software development company like Deazy, you only need to tell them what you want to build. 

Then, they will assign the perfect developers to work with you based on your idea. Aside from that, they can help you plan your project to identify the deliverables, the cost and the number of programmers you have to hire. 

Sign Contracts

After forming your team of React Native programmers, you can sign contracts with the company, and the experts will start working on your project. 

Hire Freelance React Native Developers

If you don’t plan to hire developers who will work for you permanently, the freelance model may be your best option. Employing freelancers means flexible hiring, and you can save money because they don’t charge much. 


  • You can quickly hire freelancers at your convenience.
  • No need to provide office space and hardware for them.
  • You can terminate the contract you sign with freelancers anytime. 


  • Freelancers work with different clients, so they may not take your project as seriously as you want.
  • Most freelancers are unreliable, which means delays can occur if they don’t finish the project on time.
  • Getting different freelancers to work on your React Native project will be challenging since there is no project manager to supervise them. 

How to Hire Freelance React Native Developers 

You can hire freelance developers following these steps.

Determine the Scope of Work

The step involves listing all the tasks that must be done to develop your React Native app. It will make it easy for you to decide how much you are ready to pay based on the amount of work to be done. 

Look for Freelancers

You can use any freelance platform to search for a programmer. Start by creating a job description and wait until you get a response from programmers that can satisfy your requirements. 

Evaluate the Freelancer

Check the freelance programmer’s previous works to find out if they fit your project best. One way to do that is by evaluating their experience and portfolio. 


Once you have the best freelance React Native developer, you can hire. Provide all the tasks, requirements and criteria to fulfil your project. 

Hire In-house React Native Developers

You will benefit from employing in-house React Native programmers if you have an office with enough space and enough resources to set up a new team. 


  • In-house React Native devs will understand your business needs quickly.
  • You can communicate and collaborate with your in-house team with no hindrance.
  • You are in full control of the programmers. 


  • It takes time to find the right React Native programmer.
  • If your location has a skills shortage, hiring in-house programmers will be challenging.
  • Employing the wrong software engineer to build your project will cost you a fortune.

How to Hire In-house React Native Developers

You can engage in-house programmers following these steps.

Create a Job Description

The job description will outline what the developer is expected to do and the skills needed to complete your project. Also, it should include the benefits of working in your organisation to attract the right candidate.

Post the Job Vacancy

Look for a good job portal where you can post a vacancy to find the right programmer. You can explore local job boards in your location.

Conduct Interviews

After finding the most suitable candidate, you should arrange for an interview. It is recommended to hold a technical interview to determine the skills and an HR interview to assess soft skills.

Sign a Contract

When you are certain you have found the right React Native developer, you can proceed to sign an NDA and contract. 


A React Native developer is a software engineer that can build a mobile application using the React Native framework. While there are many programmers for hire, finding the perfect fit for your business is not always easy. 

To hire the right React Native developer, you have to write your project details, consider the skills and experience of the programmer and select the perfect engagement option. 

Did you know that if you outsource your project to a nearshore development company like Deazy, you don’t have to go through all these stressful processes? 

To get access to nearshore development talent who have been screened for culture, comms and tech knowledge, get in touch to book a call today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a React Native Developer Called?

A React Native programmer is a software engineer who uses the React Native framework to create mobile applications. This programmer is skilled in JavaScript and can write clean, reusable code to make cross-platform business apps.

What Skills Are Required for a React Native Developer?

Technical skills a React Native developer must have are HTML, CSS and JavaScript, along with basic knowledge of the React Native framework. Also, the programmer should be able to use tools like Redux, Jest, ESLint, ES6, etc., in addition to testing and debugging the code.

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