IKEA’s Smart Home Revolution: Introducing Remote Home Monitoring Sensors


IKEA is set to offer a new home security and control level with its latest intelligent sensors, VALLHORN, PARASOLL, and BADRING. These next-generation sensors provide real-time notifications for water leakage and motion detection, allowing users to remotely manage and monitor their homes.

Photo from IKEA website.

Renowned furniture and home decor giant IKEA has unveiled three new intelligent sensors. Designed to provide users with a higher degree of control and comfort, these sensors enable remote home monitoring and control, adding another layer to home security. The sensors, named VALLHORN, PARASOLL, and BADRING, address water leakage and motion detection issues, allowing users to stay connected to their homes, even when away.

“We believe these products can give our customers peace of mind and greater control and comfort.”

The new range of intelligent sensors marks IKEA’s venture into a new category of IKEA Home smart products. The aim is to empower customers to manage and monitor their homes from anywhere globally. The smart sensors deliver real-time notifications whenever an activity is detected, enabling users to stay informed about their home’s status, whether they are present or not, and take action when necessary.

Seamless Connection with DIRIGERA and IKEA Home Smart App

One of IKEA’s core objectives with these sensors is to offer affordable, easy-to-use solutions to everyone. These smart sensors sport a sleek design that allows them to blend seamlessly within any home environment. They function independently or in conjunction with other smart products from IKEA and come with personalization options. The sensors can be utilized in various ways across different parts of a home:

The PARASOLL Door and Window Sensor are designed for discreet mounting on windows and doors. It notifies users whenever access points are opened or closed, providing immediate alerts on any unexpected entries.

The VALLHORN Wireless Motion Sensor can be positioned both indoors and outdoors. It activates lights upon detecting movement and offers personalized lighting options with adjustable color and intensity settings.

The BADRING Water Leakage Sensor is designed to be placed near areas of water usage and sends alerts to users upon detecting water leaks, either through mobile notifications or by triggering its built-in alarm. It minimizes the impact of water-related incidents through immediate notification, allowing users to act swiftly.

By linking the sensors to the DIRIGERA hub, users can trigger other smart devices, receive notifications on their mobile devices, or adjust lights to their preferences. These activities can be managed through the intelligent Home IKEA app, even remotely from outside the home.

Smarter Living Made Simpler

David Granath, Range Manager at IKEA of Sweden, emphasizes IKEA’s commitment to making smarter living simpler and more convenient for everyone. The new sensors integrate technology with IKEA’s home furnishing expertise to provide affordable solutions that enhance everyday moments at home.

All three intelligent sensors are based on the Zigbee software. The products will be updated over time to offer more features and options when connected to the smart Home IKEA system. The PARASOLL and VALLHORN sensors will start selling in January 2024, followed by the BADRING sensor in April 2024. Consumers are advised to reach out to their market for availability.

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