LG Announces Two-legged Robot to Monitor Your Home and Pets – Tecuy

LG has announced its new smart home AI agent, a two-legged all-rounder robot that can run devices and appliances on its own and can act as a house manager. This robot is part of LG’s Zero Labor Home Vision and aims to give the users a comfortable life by helping in their daily activities. They are all set to showcase this robot at the Consumer Electronic Show 2024 from January 9–12 in Las Vegas.

This two-legged robot will be able to wheel itself around the house and perform various tasks. It is equipped with a camera, speaker, and other sensors for getting environmental data, like air quality, temperature, and humidity. It also has face recognition qualities, and when all the features are combined, this device can handle the house on its own.

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Lyu Jae Cheol, the president of LG Electronics Home Appliance and Air Solution Company, has said that this AI agent has both communication capabilities and mobility, which will help customers with household chores. This robot can connect to and operate smart home appliances and IoT devices at home. It can monitor the pets and security guards and send users an alert if any unusual activity is identified.

It can be left alone at home; it will patrol around the house and send information to users’ phones. It can also save electricity by turning off all the devices at home that are not being used. The robot also greets users at the front door, can analyze the expressions and voice to find out the users’ mood, and can play suitable music or other content. It can also analyze transportation details, weather updates, and personal schedules, with a feature to remind the user to take medications.