New Leak Reveals Military Secrets to War Thunder Forums – Tecuy

War Thunder players continued to leak confidential military documents on the game’s forums. Recently, two incidents revealed that the training manual for the Norinco VT-4 tank was posted online and then the manual for the M2A2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle just a day later. Both documents were removed quickly, and these activities increased concerns regarding the game’s vehicles.

According to Task and Purpose, Anton Yudintsev, the founder of Gaijin Entertainment, said, “We did our part in limiting the leak. The manuals were uploaded on various platforms before surfacing on War Thunder forums, and we cannot do anything about it.” While the information was not legally classified, it still contained sensitive details. The post shared two pages of the M2A2 manual, including details about the hatch, spall liner assembly, and turret assembly.

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The first leak happened in January when the documents were leaked twice in the same week. The reason for these constant leaks is still unknown, but this time the post was initially shared on Discord and Reddit. In June 2022, a user shared the image of the DTC10-125 Tungsten Penetrator because he was frustrated with the lack of accurate ammunition. Many other leaks included information on the AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter, the British Challenger 2, the F-117 Nighthawk, and the French Leclerc main water tank. The users who leaked information were immediately banned from the War Thunder platforms.

The War Thunders team has again requested that users not commit criminal offences on the game forums. The studio sent an email to PC Gamer saying that the post was deleted and the user was banned immediately, as the information is classified in China and posting classified information about any nation’s vehicle is forbidden, and the game developers also never used it in their work. The email also asked the players not to practice illegal activities that can hurt themselves and the community.