SAS Decision Intelligence: A New Era in AI with Microsoft Fabric Integration


This article examines the recent announcement of integrating SAS Decision Builder, a cloud-based intelligent decisioning solution, with Microsoft Fabric. This strategic move marks a significant step in harnessing the power of AI and analytics to drive decision-making processes across various industries.

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AI and analytics leader SAS has unveiled plans to integrate its cutting-edge SAS® Decision Builder into Microsoft Fabric, Microsoft’s comprehensive data and analytics platform. This development presents a synergistic blend of SAS technology and Microsoft Fabric that promises a user experience that is both flexible and scalable.

SAS Decision Builder empowers business analysts and domain experts to fuse multiple AI models, rules, and procedural logic into a comprehensive AI workflow. Integrating SAS Decision Builder into Fabric equips customers to solve the critical last mile of deploying AI into production, thereby driving consistent and quantifiable decisions across customer experiences and the enterprise.

“The future of business decision-making lies in the fusion of AI and analytics.”

The Impact Across Industries

In varied industries, SAS Decision Builder has the potential to encode multiple decision models, simplifying the process for businesses to make rapid, informed decisions. For instance, financial service lenders can leverage SAS Decision Builder to calculate credit scores for loan approvals, automating and expediting the decision process for quicker results. Manufacturers can use the integration to preempt production defects, receiving timely alerts and potential next steps to avoid expensive errors and supply chain issues. Moreover, marketing teams can employ SAS Decision Builder to deliver personalized customer experiences that yield tangible business value.

Fueling Productivity with AI

As the adoption of AI continues to surge across organizations, there is a growing need to connect AI models with sophisticated business decisions and measurable results. According to Bryan Harris, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at SAS, “SAS Decision Builder directly addresses this need and accelerates productivity with AI.” The integration is a significant advancement for the Microsoft Azure community and ecosystem.

Boosting Decision-Making Capabilities

Fabric, with its unified data foundation and pervasive governance, infuses intelligence at every step of the user process. With the addition of SAS Decision Builder, customers will enjoy a streamlined experience across Microsoft data sources with consistent tools for AI decision-making capabilities. Fabric harnesses the power of AI to prepare vast amounts of data, both structured and unstructured, from various sources for decision-making.

Arun Ulagaratchagan, Corporate Vice President of Azure Data at Microsoft, expressed his views on the strategic integration, stating that SAS’ cutting-edge decisioning capabilities will further enhance the Fabric users’ experience by providing them with the solutions they need to complete the decision lifecycle and deliver insights with confidence.

A Leader in AI Decisioning Platforms

Customers will soon be able to leverage the strengths of both partners with access to numerous Microsoft solutions and SAS’ remarkable, intelligent decision-making capabilities, from which SAS Decision Builder was born. SAS was recently named a Leader in AI decisioning platforms by Forrester in The Forrester Wave™: AI Decisioning Platforms.

The report stated that any combination of analytics, machine learning, and optimization can be effortlessly created and utilized by teams within SAS Intelligent Decisioning. “SAS leverages its already formidable AI capabilities to offer enterprises sophisticated and easy-to-use AI decisioning platforms.”

Soon, interested parties can explore SAS Decision Builder on Microsoft Fabric, available in a private preview.

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