The United States Space Force Gears Up for X-37B Launch


The United States Space Force is preparing for the seventh launch of the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle, partnered with SpaceX. The mission will employ a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket and include various test and experimentation objectives in new orbital regimes.

The Department of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, in collaboration with the United States Space Force (USSF) and SpaceX, is in the final stages of preparing for the launch of the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle’s seventh mission. Initially planned for an earlier launch, it is now scheduled for December 10, 2023, due to launch delays and pad availability. This mission, OTV-7, is an essential milestone in the space exploration journey.

First Launch on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket

“The innovative spirit of the United States Space Force continues to shine in this seventh flight of the X-37B.”

This will mark the first time the X-37B will launch on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket, designated USSF-52. The mission has many test and experimentation objectives, including operating in new orbital regimes, experimenting with space domain awareness technologies, and investigating the radiation effects on NASA materials.

Critical Tests to Ensure Safe Space Operations

These tests are crucial in ensuring safe and responsible operations in space for all users. The X-37B, which first launched in April 2010, has spent a total of 3,774 days in space. Throughout its previous missions, the X-37B has successfully experimented with Naval Research Laboratory technology designed to utilize solar energy and transmit power to the Earth. It has also tested the effects of long-duration space exposure on organic materials for NASA and provided an opportunity to launch a spacecraft designed and operated by U.S. Air Force Academy cadets.

Continuing the Innovative Spirit

The upcoming seventh mission of the X-37B is a testament to the innovative spirit of the United States Space Force, as stated by Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall. This mission will continue to push boundaries and uncover new knowledge in space exploration, contributing to the scientific community’s understanding of space and its potential.

As the United States Space Force continues to prepare for this exciting launch, the world watches with anticipation. The outcomes of the X-37B’s seventh mission will undoubtedly bring us one step closer to understanding the mysteries of space.

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