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In today’s scenario, where people have started to prefer connecting with strangers rather than acquaintances, it is a huge task to build connections. Therefore, many websites are rising in popularity, allowing users to connect with people around the globe. This article will give an overview of one such website, named CooMeet, and some of the best CooMeet alternatives.

What is CooMeet?

CooMeet is a video chat platform that allows users to chat online with people all over the world. The platform automatically selects matches of the opposite gender and is widely used by men looking to find a partner. Unlike other websites that require users to register and fill in their personal details, CooMeet does not have a hectic process. The registration process is very simple, and one can easily and quickly talk to girls.

This platform is user-friendly, and it is available in more than ten languages to increase its global accessibility. Not only this, but you can also disconnect the chat if it doesn’t work out.

Top 5 CooMeet Alternatives to Connect With Strangers For Free

Is CooMeet legit?

This video chatting platform is completely legit. It has a user base of millions of people worldwide. According to many reviews, this app is amazing and completely legit to use. The prices are fair, and the experience is relatively amazing. Moreover, many users have also said that the customer service is also up to par and that they are available to help 24/7. One such user review stated,

Thank you, CooMeet. This service really made my journey a great experience. My self-confidence has improved so much, and I’m no longer nervous about my lack of experience in dating.

Therefore, you can be certain of a positive experience.

Top 5 Best CooMeet Alternatives

Users who are willing to engage in online conversations for free can also try using CooMeet alternatives. Some of them are listed below.

1. Chatroulette


Chatroulette is one of the most popular sites like CooMeet, that allows you to meet new people. Moreover, it connects you with random strangers from all over the world and allows you to talk to them through video. Initially, it will show you a selfie of the strangers and match you with them if both agree to chat. The face-to-face connection will make it easier to get to know them. Furthermore, it gives privacy to users, and only their partners will be able to see them. It does not mandatorily require you to register. Along with these features, Chatroulette boasts a huge audience base as well.


  • First of all, the site is free and has no extra charges.
  • It is trusted by millions of users.
  • Lastly, there is no need to create profiles.


  • The user activity is unfiltered, and you might experience vulgarity.
  • It can not work properly sometimes.

2. ChatBlink


ChatBlink is another platform that connects users with strangers based on their preferences. It also includes choosing the gender that you want to have a chat with. ChatBlink is mainly a web-based platform that has millions of users around the world. However, it requires you to sign up by filling in and verifying your email address, name, and age, among other information. Users can also search for matches by entering their names and places, and they may also share photos and videos with others. It is a secure space and has a huge user base to explore. Lastly, it does not tolerate any offensive behavior on its platform.


  • ChatBlink is absolutely free to use.
  • It has a wide range of chat rooms.
  • No abusive behavior is tolerated on the platform.


  • It could be addictive for some users.
  • You might encounter some fake profiles.

3. TinyChat


TinyChat is another website like CooMeet that hosts free and easy-to-use chat rooms for users. Users can enter these chatrooms and easily browse through them to make international friends. Unlike CooMeet, this app is free; however, it has a premium version as well that allows users to access additional features. It displays the popular accounts on the landing page, and it makes the whole idea of online dating easy for the users. Talking to strangers with the same interests might lead to longer friendships, too. The high-quality video and sound formats serve as a cherry on top of the overall performance.


  • Firstly, it is free to use.
  • TinyChat allows you to video chat with strangers.
  • It has an easy registration process.
  • Moreover, users can send gifts to others.


  • The chat rooms lack moderation.
  • Some users might face bullying and abuse.

4. RealTalk

Image: Google Play

RealTalk is another CooMeet alternative where you can meet like-minded individuals from around the world without having to travel or put in any extra effort. Besides, you can also question the other users before engaging in a conversation with them. It has a high-quality video and audio feature and is designed specifically for people looking to explore and gain experience from people around the globe. However, it requires users to register and verify their email addresses on the platform. It will also need extra information to match you up with suitable people. Apart from that, you can also play games with your matches and send videos and images to them.


  • It is a friendly destination to meet new people.
  • Besides, the platform has high-quality video and audio.


  • Though they claim to be free, the constant popup asks members to take a subscription.
  • You cannot delete your account.

5. Uplive


Uplive is an application that enables users to make friends near them and worldwide as well. It has a huge user base in countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam, among others. It is a simple and easy platform that has thousands of models that make the site interesting and exciting for users. People can showcase their talents on this app, which is supported on both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, users can gain followers and receive presents from their admirers. However, it will require users to sign up for the app using their email address or Facebook account. It has a real-time streaming feature and can be used from anywhere in the world.


  • Uplive is a free app without any extra charges.
  • A reliable platform to showcase your talent.
  • Lastly, you can meet people anywhere in the world.


  • It only works on Android devices.
  • Moreover, it needs a stable internet connection.


From the above list, it is evident that CooMeet is not the only website that enables you to connect with strangers. Many CooMeet alternatives come up with the same features, along with their pocket-friendly nature. Thus, users can browse through the platform that suits them the most.