X’s New Job Search Tool Now Accessible Through Web


X’s job search tool, which has been in beta testing since August, is now live on the web and available to all users. Although currently fairly basic, there are indications of more ambitious, career-oriented features to come.

The job search tool developed by X, resembling LinkedIn’s functionality, has officially launched for web users. Initially, a beta edition of the feature was rolled out in August exclusively for verified users. However, the tool’s web version is now accessible to all users, with iOS and Android compatibility anticipated shortly, as per the company’s statement.

The job search feature appears to be already populated with various open positions at several tech firms, including those led by Elon Musk. Currently, listings for SpaceX, Tesla, Neuralink, as well as X and Musk’s latest venture, x.ai, are available.

“The future of job search could be shaped by tools like X’s new feature, combining social networking and employment opportunities.”

Despite Musk’s earlier assurance that “we will make sure that the X competitor to LinkedIn is cool,” the tool seems quite fundamental at present. Users can peruse job listings and descriptions but are redirected to third-party websites to complete the application process, even for roles at X. The company has also been experimenting with “job cards” to make individual job postings more shareable across the platform.

Future Developments

There are indications that the company has grander plans for its “everything app.” X recently updated its privacy policy to include a clause about collecting data related to users’ employment histories for “job applications and recommendations.” This could potentially hint at the introduction of a recruiting feature for X or more advanced job-finding features in the future.

As the tool becomes more sophisticated and integrates more features, it could potentially reshape how job searches are conducted. By combining elements of social networking with the pursuit of employment opportunities, X’s job search tool could offer a unique approach to career advancement.

As the tool is further developed, users can expect to see innovative features that could streamline the job search process. With tech industry leaders like Elon Musk behind the project, the potential for reshaping the job market is significant.