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Everyone has an email address these days. And the email address you use does, to a certain extent, say a lot about you. For example, [email protected] conveys a different message than [email protected]… with our apologies to anyone that may actually be the owner of either of those email addresses.

While your personal email address is generally different from your business email address, a similar set of parameters do exist that convey certain things about you or your business. Let’s take a closer look and also find out how to use email forwarders in a way that could very much benefit any small business.

Business Email

First things first, appearances matter. [email protected] just doesn’t convey the same level of professionalism as [email protected] does; it’s always better to use a custom email address created under your own domain name.

Generally this means that you will need to manage your email with an email client like Outlook, Mac Mail, or Thunderbird. Your email client of choice will include various benefits and drawbacks, but many people have grown accustomed to a third-party email provider such as Gmail.

This is where the power of email forwarders come into play.

The Power Of Email Forwarders

So, what are email forwards and how can you use them to benefit your small business?

Simply put, an email forwarder is simply an email address that exists to direct emails to another address. It can be used for many reasons, including:

  • Masking a real email address from senders by using the forward to send and receive emails.
  • Receiving emails at multiple inboxes, by using the forward to direct to more than one destination address.
  • Present the illusion that a smaller business is a much larger business.

This final bullet point is one worth expanding upon as it can be strategically used to benefit you business by way of presenting a more robust operation. For example, most businesses utilize different emails to contact different departments, or for different purposes, such as:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

All of these emails deliver to different departments, and serve different purposes, however for smaller businesses you can create multiple email addresses like the above examples that exist only as email forwarders and all deliver to a single actual email address. In other words, one person can present themselves as several different departments within a business, rather than simply being a one-person operation in reality.

This can be used to convey trust in your business by presenting contact options that customers are more familiar with from larger businesses. Ultimately there is no deception being used here, so long as you provide the same high quality service as any large business would.

With this in mind, you can strategically create email forwards to optimize and benefit your business and customers.

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