Designers’ Weekly News № 731: Mastering Git Practices, Unraveling CSS Logic, and Decoding Browser Quirks

Here are some articles that you might find interesting:

1. “Git Good Practices” – This article discusses essential Git practices for developers, including branch management, naming conventions, and commit strategies. It aims to enhance collaboration and code management. [Read more](

2. “Vanilla JavaScript, Libraries, and the Quest for Stateful DOM Rendering” – This article explores the use of vanilla JavaScript and libraries in achieving dynamic DOM rendering. It focuses on finding a balance between efficiency and simplicity in web development. [Read more](

3. “The Ethical Designer’s Handbook On Dark Patterns” – This comprehensive guide provides designers with insights on avoiding unethical practices, specifically dark patterns, in digital design. [Read more](

4. “The New CSS Math” – In this article, Dan Wilson introduces new CSS Math functions such as `pow()`, `sqrt()`, and `hypot()`. Practical examples are provided to demonstrate their usage. [Read more](

5. “CSS is Logical” – This article explores the logical nature of CSS and its application in web design. [Read more](

6. “jQuery 4.0.0 Beta” – The release of jQuery 4.0.0 beta is discussed in this article. It highlights performance improvements, dropping support for older versions of Internet Explorer, and the removal of deprecated APIs. [Read more](

7. “Free Display Fonts with a Creative Flair” – Download one of these highly creative free display font families to grab the attention of viewers and ensure your message gets noticed. [Read more](

8. “Mobile Search Patterns” – This article explores different mobile search patterns and their usability in web design. [Read more](

9. “Fun Examples of SVG Shape Usage in Web Design” – This article showcases fun examples of using SVG shapes in web design to create visually appealing and interactive elements. [Read more](

10. “Ordena.js: Nested Lists Made Easy” – Learn about a new JavaScript library, Ordena.js, which simplifies the creation and management of nested lists. It focuses on simplicity, has no dependencies, and is compatible with modern browsers. [Read more](

11. “A CSS Project Boilerplate” – Andy Bell’s CSS boilerplate follows the CUBE CSS methodology, emphasizing consistency, scalability, and the integration of Tailwind CSS for utility classes. [Read more](

12. “Browsers Are Weird Right Now” – This article discusses the current quirks and inconsistencies in different web browsers. [Read more](

13. “What is Utility-First CSS?” – Heydon Pickering explores utility-first CSS and compares it with traditional CSS methods. It highlights the focus on component-specific styling and its impact on design consistency and code verbosity. [Read more](