Designers Weekly News Issue 707

The article features several links to different resources and topics related to design. Here are the rewritten descriptions for each link:

1. The 2023 Print Typography Report – Explore how designers are effectively using typography to convey empathy. [Image]

2. WordPress Paying Google Domains Transfer Fees – Learn about’s offer to cover domain transfer fees for the first 1 million Google Domains customers. [Image]

3. Landing Love – Discover a collection of over 500 animated websites. [Image]

4. Randomness in CSS Using Trigonometry – Find out how trigonometric functions can be used to create random features in CSS. [Image]

5. The 20 Best Business & Project Proposal InDesign Templates – Enhance your proposals with these top-rated InDesign templates. [Image]

6. On-Scroll Perspective Grid Animations – Get a comprehensive guide on building various animated perspective grid layouts. [Image]

7. Create Complex Animation Curves in CSS with the linear() Easing Function – Learn how to use the linear() easing function in CSS to create bounce and spring effects. [Image]

8. Unravelling the UX/UI Magic of Threads App – Take a closer look at Meta’s innovative social networking app. [Image]

9. How to Deal with Clients That Have Outsized Expectations – Discover strategies for managing clients with unrealistic expectations. [Image]

10. OddContrast – Utilize this tool to check color contrast ratios using modern CSS formats. [Image]

11. When and How to Use Accordions on Desktop – Gain insights on effectively implementing accordions on your desktop website. [Image]

12. How Tracking Backend Activity Improves WordPress Security – Learn how an activity-tracking plugin can enhance the security of your WordPress website. [Image]

13. The Future of Design Systems is Semantic – Explore the implications of Figma’s new Variables feature for the future of design systems. [Image]

14. CSS & Accessibility: Inclusion Through User Choice – Discover CSS media features that can detect user preferences and enhance accessibility. [Image]

15. The Virtual Keyboard API – Learn how the Virtual Keyboard API can solve common mobile device issues. [Image]

16. How to Help Your Clients with Website Content Strategy – Gain tips on proactively assisting clients with their website content strategy. [Image]

17. Tailwind, and the Death of Web Craftsmanship – Explore the potential drawbacks of using frameworks in web design. [Image]