Designers’ Weekly News Issue 722

Geoff Graham discusses the ways CSS has become easier to write in 2023. He highlights the improvements in performance and the potential for further enhancements. Additionally, he mentions a free AI-generated stock photo resource called aisplash and a collection of beautifully designed emails and newsletters for inspiration called Emailspiration. The article also covers the topic of maintenance-only web design clients and provides tips on what to consider when looking for such clients. Furthermore, it explores CSS container queries and how they can be used to build more robust and flexible layouts. The State of JavaScript in 2023 is also discussed, along with a new headless library called Ark UI for building reusable and scalable Design Systems. The article includes a collection of free Photoshop brushes for creating watercolor-styled designs and introduces NeoBrutalismCSS, a design framework that embraces the aesthetics of neo-brutalism in web design. NinjaBootstrap, a collection of SCSS utilities that configure and extend Bootstrap 5, is also mentioned. Lastly, the article highlights CSS Nesting as a major feature that enhances CSS writing and introduces Twenty Twenty-Four, the most expressive and capable WordPress default theme yet.