Key Factors to Consider When Seeking Maintenance-Only Clients

Web designers who specialize in maintenance tasks can generate a steady source of revenue. However, maintenance work may not offer the same level of profitability as new builds, and client needs can vary. Therefore, it is important to target clients that align with your goals and preferences.

One factor to consider is whether the client’s website fits within your niche. If you specialize in a specific content management system (CMS), such as Webflow, it is ideal to book clients who also use that CMS. However, taking on clients with different CMSs can expand your skills and knowledge in the long run.

The amount of work expected from maintenance clients can vary greatly. Websites that require frequent updates, such as eCommerce, news, or membership-based sites, can be more profitable but also more time-consuming. It is important to assess your capacity to manage large-scale clients and determine how many you can handle effectively.

While working with small organizations that require minimal maintenance may seem like an easy way to earn extra money, it is important to consider potential issues such as security vulnerabilities and compatibility challenges. These clients may still require significant work in the future, so it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons before committing.

Another consideration is who built the website. Inheriting a website from another designer can come with unknown issues and challenges. Some designers prefer to avoid these situations to avoid being responsible for fixing someone else’s mistakes. If you are comfortable with the risks, make sure to thoroughly review the website and charge accordingly.

Finding the right website maintenance clients involves thinking about your ideal situation in terms of workload and revenue. It is important to focus on clients that fit within your niche and develop a process for managing their tasks effectively. By being selective and considering these factors, you can build a successful maintenance business that aligns with your goals and capabilities.