Top 50 Branding Identity Mockup Templates for 2023

Branding is not just about what you do, but also how you present yourself. When creating a branding strategy, it is important to consider visuals. While you can create different versions of branding materials and let clients choose their favorite, it is important to see how the design looks in real life. Will the logo fit on a pen or business card? Does the design convey expertise and professionalism? Mockups can help assess designs and convince clients by providing realistic representations of how the designs will look in 3D and in various settings. This article provides a collection of branding identity mockup templates for Photoshop, including templates for business cards, coffee cups, stationery, and more. These templates allow designers to showcase their branding elements in a real-world context and create visually appealing presentations. The article also provides tips on what to look for in a great branding identity mockup template, such as variety, high-quality resolution, customization options, user-friendliness, real-world scenarios, adaptability, and comprehensive options. By using these mockup templates, designers can effectively showcase their brand’s personality and attract customers.