What Does Urge Delivery Mean on Shein? Solutions to Get Your Package Fast

Are you curious about the featured “Urge Delivery” rolled out by Shein? Here is a simple guide to ensure a seamless experience on Shein!

With the digital era emerging, outfit shopping has become more enjoyable and convenient, thanks to the plethora of shopping apps available across the world. Whether you’re looking for the latest trends, traditional wear, or affordable fashion, Shein serves as a life-saver and the best apparel and clothing app across the globe.

Meanwhile, if you have shopped through Shein, you must have come across the option “Urge Delivery.” However, many users are not aware of what does urge delivery mean on Shein. In case you are also here to know the functioning of urge delivery, worry not. In this article, we have covered everything about delivery in Shein, including what Transit, urge, shipped, and dispatch mean on the app.

What is Urge Delivery on Shein?

Shein, the China-based online fashion retailer, always tries to send deliveries on their promised time. But, do you need your package faster? Worry not as Shein has launched the urge delivery. With urge delivery, you can get early delivery of your package. If you are in dire need of something important to wear, gift someone, or want a date dress within days, trouble not. As Shein has covered all your problems with Urge Delivery, you will get urgent delivery regardless of what product you are purchasing.

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Beneficiaries of Urge Delivery

Urge Delivery on Shein has turned out to be a game changer for both retailers and buyers. As, if you need something urgently for an unexpected occasion, Shein can provide you with its best service. Meanwhile, unfortunately, you forget to buy a gift for your loved one’s birthday and have only two days left for the occasion. Here comes the Shein Urge Delivery which will assist you to get the birthday gift within 48 hours.

Another importance of Urge Delivery is convenience. It’s like a magic Aladdin completing your wish with a click. If you are running low on groceries and can’t leave home for reasons. Worry not as urge delivery is there to rescue. All you need to do is place an order in the urge delivery. As a result, this will save you time and help in maintaining your laziness.

How to place An order with “Urge Delivery” on Shein?

Meanwhile, now that you know the Urge Delivery on Shein, you must be eager about how to use that game-changing option. Although there is no hassle in the option, you need to go to the checkout box. Lastly, you have to place the order with Urge Delivery. And, you’re done. Sit and relax while Shein works on delivering the package within hours.

Does Placing an Order with “Urge Delivery” come with hidden charges?

If you think that Shein must have introduced this magical option with some additional charges, you’re wrong. Meanwhile, Shein is not charging any additional fee for the same and “Urge Delivery” is free. So, place your order and sit back while Shein sends you the parcel while doing the bare minimum.

What does Urging Dispatch Mean on Shein?

After placing the Shein order with Urge Delivery, you must have been notified about the shipping with Urge Dispatch. Hence, this simply means that the app will notify the shipping provider to ship and expedite your Shein order.

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What does Shipped Mean on Shein?

If you are tracking your package on Shein and see the whereabouts, you must have come across the term “Shipped.” Meanwhile, if your package is showing Shipped that means your package has been loaded on the truck and has departed for its final distribution centre.

What does In Transit mean in Shein?

“In Transit” in Shein means that your package is moving. However, that doesn’t assure that your package is in a moving vehicle. Meanwhile, you must have seen the status “In Transit” days before your expected delivery day.


With online shopping apps continuing to introduce new features in their store, Urge Delivery has been one of the best and most helpful options for buyers. Meanwhile, Urge Delivery not only assures you hassle-free shopping but also saves you time. In an era where online shopping is continuously working to replace offline shopping, these advanced features in Shein are assisting to move a step forward.