Website ownership goes beyond the initial launch, and it is important for clients to understand this. While clients may think that the work ends once the site is live, experienced web designers know that a site launch is just the beginning. Content management systems like WordPress require regular updates and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

This is why it is crucial for a professional to manage WordPress sites, even small ones. Clients may not fully grasp the stakes or the costs involved until something goes wrong. However, educating clients about the importance of WordPress maintenance can help prevent problems.

Website maintenance is an investment that consists of two types: the initial design and build, and ongoing updates and content management. Clients may not realize that websites require care even if the content remains the same. Comparing website maintenance to car maintenance can help change their perspective. Just like cars need regular care to prevent problems and ensure safety, websites need ongoing maintenance to stay in good shape and avoid common pitfalls.

Standards and best practices in web design change over time, and websites need to keep up with these changes. Older WordPress themes and plugins may not meet current accessibility standards, and outdated server technology can affect performance and security. Resolving these issues requires time and money, but it is necessary to maintain usability and legal compliance.

Vigilance is an important part of website maintenance. WordPress releases new versions regularly, and plugin and theme updates can happen at any time. Each update brings potential changes that need to be addressed, such as updating custom code or addressing security vulnerabilities. Web designers need to stay vigilant through manual intervention and automated tools to prevent small problems from becoming major ones.

A well-maintained website benefits everyone involved. Web designers can generate recurring revenue from maintenance services, users are less likely to encounter problems, and website owners can take advantage of new features to enhance performance and increase sales. Discussing the importance of WordPress maintenance with clients can help them understand the value of staying up to date and adapting to the ever-changing web landscape.

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