Freelance web designers have long been encouraged to take on new projects in order to grow their businesses. However, there is another opportunity for web designers to make money by fixing and maintaining existing websites that have been neglected or are in need of repair.

Many websites out there are outdated and poorly maintained, often due to a lack of knowledge or commitment from the website owners. Even those who hire web professionals may run into problems if they do not understand the importance of ongoing maintenance.

For freelance web designers, this presents an opportunity to step in and fix these websites. By helping clients in difficult situations, designers can establish trust and potentially lead to more work, such as recommending additional fixes or even a complete overhaul of the site.

However, website rehabilitation is not without its risks. What may appear as a simple fix on the surface can turn into a complex and time-consuming project once you delve deeper. There may also be red flags with the client, such as a history of poor relationships with previous designers or late payments.

Freelancers interested in this type of work must be willing to accept the risks and develop a pricing strategy that protects them from potential losses. It is also important to consider whether this path aligns with their interests and strengths, as the remediation process can be stressful and time-consuming.

While there are challenges, there is also plenty of business for web designers who are interested in fixing and maintaining websites. This type of work is unlikely to go away anytime soon, as the complexity of modern websites almost guarantees a need for ongoing maintenance and repairs.

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